Pain and many of you've been here?

ouch!!! i could hardly bear to watch.

i’ve been knocked around a bit walking back through the reef at trestles, but this takes it up several notches!

haha i have done that a couple times… once when i was in portugal, buddy got caught in a rip that went out and sideshore had to get out through crashing waves on the rocks… and the first and last time i went kiteboarding got launched 20 feet in the air over a bulkhead and dragged 100ft on a seagull poop infested island, dont remember any of that got knocked out , but got up face first in a swamp pond oh the good times

That was hard to watch! It would of been impossible for me to film , I would have droped the cammera and helped the poor guy.

i know, but that guy just kept filming and laughing at the poor guy

Never got filmed but almost as bad…

Caught a nice last wave of the session at Newbreak. Wound through the sections and the wave starts to funnel down to about 2xA (ankle) right at the edge of the beach. I’m in trim, relaxed, holding my wrists behind my back, whistling a happy tune. The beach drops off steeply to reef right at the waterline so I’m gauging my exit strategy; ride right up to the sand, step off and pick up my board in one smmmooooth move.

It’s a nice late morning. Gephart and all the black hats are sunning themselves like lizards at the base of the cliff. Skip Frye is walking back up the beach from unmentionable places to the south. Basically it’s the Who’s Who of the South PL. It’s all coming together. I’m gonna blow their doors off…

Unexpectedly, the water starts to draw off the sand as my wavelet starts its final approach. I see the face steepen and the nose of my board dip beneath the surface. My board stops but I don’t. Catapulted onto the beach, face first onto the sand, right at Skip’s feet.

I looked up to see the crew quickly look away. I rolled over and began the humiliating clean-up. Skip side steps the wreckage and passes me by. From behind, he held up his pinched fingers and said, “Missed it by that much…”

Seen many cheesegratings and potentially harmful pastings on the rocks at Lennox Point.

Me and a guy pulled a Japanese girl out of a crevice there a while back who was headed for the emergency department in the back of an ambulance big-time.

I had a classic there one time on a big day. Begged and pleaded with my mate to borrow his new Brewer 8’6" that he bought back from Hawaii. He finally relented after much badgering.

We smoked a big scoob before paddling out and standing on the rocks extremely bent I jumped over the top of a solid surge. Almost to safety I felt a sickening backwards lurch : the legrope had caught around a rock . It rubberbanded me back to the rocks where I scrambled around getting pummelled. My mate was standing above me screaming " what the fuck are you doing…" …somehow the board only copped cosmetic damage, and despite plenty of barnacle slices I was able to surf. Great session though.

Hey… I loaned that guy my board!


That’s a classic story Lee V. I like how the guy dove back in there to get his board. Another pitfall of leashes. Mike

Hard to watch

Many years ago I came in at the wrong spot at J Bay - at Impossibles. The reef there has these big holes. So there I am, stuck in a hole too deep to stand in, with the rock ledge about 1’ above my head all round. I’m holding my board vertical over my head, because it was too long to fit in the hole with me and there’s foamies whacking over the reef. I didn’t make the meal of it the guy in the video did, though. I pretty quickly used my board as a lever to help me climb out of the hole and dashed for the safety of the sand. Hardly a scratch (but that’s what wetties are for, isn’t it?)

Moral: When at J-Bay, come in at the car park or down at Tubes.