Paint after glassing?

Hi, Instead of painting the foam can you paint after glassing before hot coating with a good result? Will painting the foam get a better result? I tried to colour the resin but it was hard to get a good result. So with my next board I will try to spray paint instead.  

The reason for this is that I believe. That you will get. A stronger lamination without the paint.

Thank you

You can paint after the first lam but it will probably look like junk when your finished. Big open weaves will be hard to get a complete cover.

Easiest to paint the foam. Dont go heavy and there will be no bonding issues. You can also paint after the hotcoat and either hotcoat again or use some form of clearcoat for it (lots of options).

If you choose double hotcoat. Make sure your sanding skills are up to snuff.

You can paint the sanded hot-coat do a demo area to see if the gloss coat will damage the art work . The other method would be to do a Acrylic clear spray over the painted surface. 
I have also used marine polyurethane clear to cover artwork. Be warned that any art work will be easy to damage as you will not have as much of a protective barrier Always use UV stable acrylic or latex paints.