Paint between hot coats?

Hello there,
I am in the process of glassing a mini Simmons and have already done the hotcoat. I plan on doing another one, and was wondering if it was ok to paint in-between coats? I was planning on spraying a stencil that I have changed my mind about. I just don’t want things to bleed everywhere. Also, while I’m asking, what are some good techniques for getting the lap totally wet on my freelap before pressing it to the underside of the board? I usually have issues with dry spots. Would heating up the resin help it drip down and cover the cloth better?

Thanks for all the help guys

Hey Creature

I asked a similar question last week about painting after an epoxy hotcoat. You can find it here: Maybe it might help answer your first question.


Thanks, that link did help.  I ended up doing a second hot coat and sprayed a stencil with some montana spray paint.  turned out well.