Paint fading

I made a couple boards a few years ago with Createx flourescent paint, and it faded on me.  I haven't used it since, but I am now thinking of using irredescent on my new board. Does anyone know if this type is subject to fading as well?

All flourecent colors fade. The photochemical reaction that occurs with UV light, which is the reason that makes flourecents appear so bright, is also the reason the colors begin to fade when exposed to sunlight. You can slow that down by coating the paint with a clear that has a UV inhibitor added to it, which will act as a sunscreen. That will buy you some time, but the colors will eventually fade. Polyester and some epoxy resins already have UV inhibtors in them to slow down the browning or yellowing that happens to glass jobs when exposed to sunlight. That helps to extend the life of the flourecent paint job, but as you have experienced, not much.

Irredescent paints need to be painted a smooth flush surface or it loses it irredescent effect. It doesn’t work very well when painted on the blank. It only works on a sanded glass job thats been fine sanded really well, so there are no scratches. The paint job is then sealed with a clear finish coat like gloss resin or a clear urethane to protect it.

Thanks. I'll stick with the acryllic tansparents.

Atomized is the go to guy on this stuff and he’s right on with what he said about the flourescents.

Createx paints are great to work with, never had a problem with them. No crystilization issues, easy to use and clean up. All of my older boards still look decent, no fading at all but they were the regular colors, no flourescents. I used the irridescents on a cool old school flame job and it came out great. This was done on the sanded hotcoat though, not on the foam. It was way easier to work on the finished board and not have to worry about messing up your foam, you can get real chrisp tape lines too and if you screw up just sand it off and start over.