paint tint?

read in a couple of threads you can use paint tint instead of resin tint and just wondering if anyones had any experience with it before i give it a go?


anyone else heard of, or tried this? if so what % are you mixing it at? does it go opaque like a pigment or is transparent like a tint?


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Are you asking about substituting “paint” for the actual tint / pigment color dispersions normally mixed into the resin to color it?

Or are you asking if you can faux paint a blank to look like a resin tint?

I thought he was asking about the actual pigments that are added to the paint (base) to color it.

I’ve put textile pigment and acrylic paint in epoxy, no problems.  Just do ( a couple or a few) test batches first to make sure.

nah atomized, what huckelberries saying… the tints that are added to the white base to colour it. can they be substituted for resin pigments/tints??

It depends on the color.  Some of the paint tint colors like burnt or raw umber or sienna yellow are opaque.  Others like phthalo green or blue are transparent.  You just learn this by experience.  However if you want to be sure . . . you can buy ground up fresco colors that you can add to any medium . . these are opaque colors.  Think of them as ground up rocks that are so fine that the particles are suspended in the resin.  I expect these to be very uv tolerant as they are often mineral based.  For transparent colors, purchase solid dyes or predissolved colors like "Tints all."   Dyes are designed to DISSOLVE in the medium (you can buy water, alcohol or oil soluble dyes).  One of the problems with dyes is that they may be sensitive to uv degradation, particularly the alcohol soluble varieties.  Bottom line is that you need to experiment.  Oh yeah, a good place to purchase these items is from


I used white paint pigment twice with no problems in epoxy, at less than ten percent of volume which i thought was the most you could safely use withought screwing it up. Opaque, no problem. BUT I only did that cuz i had no white resin pigment and was too impatient to order some and wait, which is probably the best thing to do. Anyway, i went down the hardware store where they mix paint, brought a clean baby food jar said can you fill this with white and charge me what its worth. They just pupmed it in there and said dont worry about it. If it was ALWAYS free, and i knew it was all clean and no different, id get it there all day long, but it seems too easy, prolly fisheye like mad next time

      Howzit dpicton, When you buy paint paint at a paint store they don't charge more for colored paint than just base white so they are mking enough profit off of the base colored paint to cover the color and that is why they just gave it to you for free. I m amzed some times at what a store will just give you for free at times. Seems like when I go to a pharmacy and get a plastic syringe for injecting resin they never charge me. Aloha,Kokua