What kind of paint do you use to put on the boards? Do u put it right on the foam or on top of the lam or hot coats? any help would be greatly apreciated… I wanted to work with maybe some paint pens and some airbrush… thanks alot


i hope the link works. here is a blue i have been wanting to try made of lapis lazuli rock dust … the color should be permanent

If you paint the foam directly, be real careful to leave it thin so that the board is still able to breath for the glass job. Biggest mistake I made glassing my first board was directly applying paint to the foam too thick, and having airbubbles all over the place when it ended.



Acrylic paint. On the foam for sure. On the hotcoat if you seal it after(with clear acrylic spray paint). I don’t know about the lam. Lam is already kind of sticky. I like to seal the lam as soon as possible so I don’t get dirt, leaves, and bugs stuck to it. Not too thick like Bryan mentioned. Mike

I use waterbased acrylic paint if I’m painting on foam and Posca Pen with clear acrylic spray to seal it when painting on sanded hotcoat… Attached is a posca pen design on one of my surfboards

Thanks for all the help everyone. swaylocks is awesome. anymore tips would be apreciated. hopefuly ill post some pictures after i do the board.


I paint pen onto a 320 sanded finish, then cover with acrylic matte or Satin finish. So ya know, you don’t have to use POSCA pens, any water based paint pen will work, posca seems to have more pigment than others.

Howzit ZoSurf, A little info, Poscas are acrylic paint not pigment. Zig pens use pigment ink, that's why I used them when they were available on Kauai. Aloha, Kokua

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Haven’t used Zig pens. Are they still available? ( At least on the mainland). Also are there any alternatives to Posca pens that are acrylic as well?

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I have looked all over the internet and have not found any site to buy posca pens or zigs. Dose anyone know where to buy them.



You can find POSCA pens at

Or, check your local art supply store. If they don’t carry them they should be able to order them. Mike

Spazman take a look at this sites… you can buy them online here:

Howzit ZoSurf, Zig pens are available on the mainland and probably on Oahu. I have a web site for them but it’s on my other computer so I’ll have to look up the address and post it later this morning. Just went to websites Cabeto posted and the second site on his list( mister art ) carries Zig pens. Aloha, Kokua

Hey Kokua!

In your opinion, are zig pens better than Uni Posca?

I noticed a sizable price difference.

Also, what type of medium is a zig pen? Acrylic?


Howzit ZoSurf, In my opinion Zig pens are better, they're a pigment ink which is more durable. I noticed that posca pin lines would some time lift when brushing on a gloss over them, but Zigs don't. After applying zig pin lines I can wash the board with soap and rinse and it has no effect on the pin lines. When I do that with Posca pins, some of the color would come off. Zig Pens are no longer available on Kauai so I now refill my empty zigs and Posca with India ink which works the best. It works like a rapidiograph but with a felt tip. Aloha, Kokua

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Are the zig pens that work best the ones for wood?

Thanks again.