Painting a EPS Foam HELP


I want to paint my eps shape foam, but i don’t know what kind of paint should I use, other thing I want to know is how can de paint in the eps foam can affect the lamination process.


Hello Redones,

I am new to painting boards. The crew just gave me advice here: Searching for paint+EPS gives results too.

The main thing for painting on the foam is no solvents like acetone, xylene, toluene…the paint manufacturer should be able to provide an information sheet (MSDS or TDS) or read the label carefully. One of the members had trouble from a spray can of acrylic containing solvents.

I used acrylic artists’ colors on the foam because I already had them and the solvent is water. Some guys get paints from craft stores. I tried taping off a design but it bled a little. It was suggested that designs are done after hot coat before gloss.

Test panels are a good thing, better to wreck a scrap piece with a new combination than a shaped board. My last panel showed me that permanent markers and pencil lines can bleed in epoxy and that my paints and other printed designs on art store rice paper would work fine.

I will look for some of that acrylic paint.

Thaks again

Anything waterbased. Tempras, Acrylics, NovaColors, Waterbased acrylic house paints… Virtually nothing that sprays out of a can is a safe bet.

I think I’ve seen some recs for Montana Gold.  I found that it melts the 1.5lb US Blanks EPS.  I didn’t have problems on one board, where I think there was more spackle covering just about everything, but on a recent board where I did a bit more thorough sanding post-spackle, I definitely got some melting using Montana Gold.  It wasn’t bad, because it stops when the paint cures, which is nearly immediate, but if you get any drips you’ll see that the MG melts exposed EPS as long as it stays wet.

We use a ton of Montana Gold at our shop, literally hundreds of cans in the shop…

on the shelf that stores them…DO NOT SPRAY ON EPS BLANKS.

The paint has acetone, propane, xylene and naptha

 I did this with tempera paint.