Painting on finished boards

I’m buying a new 9’8 Hansen 50/50 and would like to put a competition striped 2 feet from the nose. The board is gloss coated and ready to ride. Would any acrylic spray paint work? I don’t want to damage the gloss coat. I was thinking a nice 3" wide stripe across the board.



Dang Chris,

Why would you want to paint on a new Hansen noserider? The best method I can think of is to put the stripe on top of your feet. Then when you get to the nose look down and there yah go! Mike

Mike, I was thinking that too after I posted haha… Let the new board be new. I know where I am on it. It was just for some more color on it. But its classic the way it is :slight_smile:

Just put a small strip of coloured tape to show you where you want to be, say 15 cm long and then you can always remove it afterwards no damage done.

Or even just make a line with wax… or strip the wax in a line… or install digital sensors…