painting over lokbox fin boxes

I want to paint the foam on the bottom of a board that will have lokbox fin boxes. Do I install as usual then just spray them with the bottom? Do they take paint differently than foam and end up a different color?

harry; I’m pretty sure you airbrush the board like normal, glass it all the way to hotcoat both sides,then router thru the bottom with the lokbox jig stuff. The boxes go in next, then leveled with a grinder when dry and sand board.I dont see why you would paint them.Being that I’ve never actually installed lokboxes,I could be wrong.Even the fin systems such as futures that go in the foam before the glassing usually get the 3 holes routered,then the board gets painted.The boxes go in next with a small amount of resin.Ive never seen anyone try to paint them,I think it would create a poor bond between glass and box.

Harry: LokBox is similar to O’Fishl in that they are designed to go under the glass for max strength. Airbrush first then router the boxes in. Alternative to risking scuffed paint is to install before hotcoat, add patches over the boxes then hotcoat. Tom S.

Harry, the best method is to router the holes in the blank, then airbrush, then install boxes, then laminate. If you need further assistance, call lokbox at 760-757-3147 Thanks

If you airbrush first and then route you stand a chance of scarring the airbrush work with the router template.Its best to route and then paint.By the way I did paint a fin box one time.I had three future boxes…two black and one white,I painted the odd one with black acrylic lacquer and they all matched up pretty good.The only thing off was the little flange that came up white after grinding.I did not paint the underside of the box that goes in to the foam.But as the pros say it is probably not a wise thing. R. Brucker