painting the board?

When it comes to painting the board, should I paint the foam before glassing or on the hotcoat? I´m a little bit worried that painting directly on the foam will lead to that the glass won´t stick. Anyone got some advice concerning this??

Martin, There is a lot of information on this website in regards to your questions about paint. In general, you can paint on either the hotcoat or the foam using flat, not gloss, water-based acrylic paint: better to do several light coats, allowing the paint to dry in between. But don’t build up too much paint on either the foam or the hotcoat. Adhesion may be affected. Look in the resources section of Swaylock’s for numerous posts on the subject. Doug

Perhaps you should forget about things like paint etc.if its your first board.There are too many other things that will go wrong.Build it…ride it…build another one.Have fun above all. R. Brucker

Painting foam is really not that scary man… I have posted advice to guys asking similar question to yours many times. I sprayed my first board at 13 yo with aerosol cans. You can spray, brush or roll paint on and all sorts of paint ( Other than artists oil paint, to which resin would never stick.) can be used, provided you dont clog the cells of foam up solid with paint( That is sure to lead to delamination) If you use a spray gun or aerosols, apply a coat lightly, allow it to dry, then spray again from another direction, so that your paint goes into the cells evenly and you dont get a white shadow of untouched foam. I have never had a plain board man, wouldnt seem right, whatever the stick-in-the-mud purists suggest! Josh

Josh don’t take me wrong on the painting thing,granted its not that hard.My main reason for the comment is that I have helped a lot of folks over the years with board building and expectations get too high.One kid I worked with got really bummed because his airbrush didn’t look like a pro job.From that point on he lost his stoke.kinda like spending 50 hours designing a cool logo and wanting to do the board in a day. R.B.

Yeah. I know that starting out can be discouraging when you compare yourself - Hey, I glassed my first board in blazing sunshine, little knowing… and sure enough as the resin poured out of the pot, it went hard!!! I chopped that one up into little pieces, cussing and swore never to have another shot at it… and now, several thousand boards later… So I also have taught beginners and had to temper my own perfectionism. But those with the self motivation to get better at anything, the ones with the glint in the eye, are easily spotted, and they are easily encouraged.

Josh I went to your web site and literally flipped out on the artwork that you do.You guys out there in Swaylock land need to check Josh’s site out.Beautiful stuff! R. Brucker