painting with light ...a 50th birthday celebration !

[Some shots from Simon’s [my brother’s] trip .]

You definately had a happy birthday , by the looks of it , thanks heaps for the photos , Simon !


[I think that is Simon’s water camera on his left wrist …]

star wars dog …

…some people lives the life…

Nice Stinger!!!

Nice right!!!

50 and still charging! Happy B-day brother of Ben! Mike

“…but there’s MORE !! …”


… ouch !


what a fun way to celebrate 50! Looks like they got some size in that right as well as heaps of fun.

…in the words of martin short [in father of the bride’]

“what about the ceck , mr. chipper ?!”

ah yes …the “ceck” !..

[one candle for each decade …]

Wow, thanks for pulling these up, your bro is quite the camera man.

…you’re welcome , mate !

yep , Simon has always had the good photographic eye , in our family …

In the past , he got published by ‘Tracks’ , and ‘Surfing World Magazine’/s , and continues to help Ted Grambeau with the Rip Curl product shoots , when the opportunity presents …

more to come , but for now , goodnight ! [ it’s 10.15pm Monday here in W’oz , now …



Happy 50th!

A couple more years and I’ll be there too.

…here’s some more [forwarded to you by " 'ben the ‘stoke killer’ " lol lol etc]

a right