Palm Beach County Florida Shaper Party

For anyone who likes making surfboards in South Florida, Palm Beach Country or thereabouts -

I’m looking to sit in with someone who shapes and has more experience than I do. This shouldn’t be too hard - I’ve only made 20 boards.

If you have a bay or a shop or a garage or two buckets with sticks - hit me up! I’d love to learn and catch some pointers in person.

I’m fairly competent and full of unbridled enthusiasm for making surfboards. I just want to learn as much as possible.

My name is Logan / / / /

I like surfboards… and beer. Grew up in Boca. Nowadays, down in Ft. Lauderdale.

~ Brandon.

Old post, but you still making boards in PBC?

When I can, though it has been awhile.  Got a few blanks looking for some attention.  I just got married last month.  Now, house shopping with the wife.  Gotta find something with a nice, big garage!

Nice, looking to shape my first board. Is US blanks in melborne the closest place to buy blanks? Where in PB are you located? 

It’s an option.  If you’re looking for something more accessible, hit up your local shaper and ask if he’ll tack another blank onto his next order.  Otherwise, U.S. Blanks in Melbourne is a good call.  While you’re up that way you can swing by Resin Research and pick up some epoxy.