Does anyone know where to buy Palownia wood in the US?

4th hit on a Google search…

Paulownia Wood Packs

Price includes S & H Via UPS

Starter Pack

1” x 4” x 24” long - 6 boards

$ 49.00

Enthusiast Pack

1” x 4” x 36” long - 6 boards

$ 52.00

Craftsman Pack

1” x 4” x 48” long - 6 boards

$ 55.00

5’ Pack

1” x 4” x 60” long - 6 boards

$ 64.00

6’ Pack

1” x 4” x 72” long - 6 boards

$ 72.00

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P. O. Box 721

Lenox, GA 31637

PHONE: 800 - 615 - 7306

PHONE: 229 - 546 4034

FAX: 229 - 546 - 4564

Are there any places with longer and thicker cuts?

I’m familiar with pricing wood by the board foot. The price list shown quotes $72 for six 1"x4"x72" boards. That’s 146/12 = 2 board feet per board, times 6 boards = 12 board feet in total. That works out to $6 per board foot. That is an OK price, but I can get balsa for less per board foot than that without having to pay for shipping.

Is there a better source for Paulownia? I’d love to try working with it sometime.


…without having to pay for shipping.

those prices include shipping.

do less math…more reading.

OK. You caught me. I didn’t read everything first. I guess the prices don’t seem too bad after all.

Here is some more math in case you need help deciding which bundle to purchase.

Sorry… It’s what I do.

whoa…nice job with the Excel screenshot!

fancy shmancy!!!


Seeds are cheaper and they don’t ship to CA.

With luck this will be a 30’ tree & surfboard in 4years.


You know, I keep waiting for some enterprising swaylockian with a decent woodworking shop to take advantage of the growing demand for paulownia. How many times in the last year or two have you seen this question posted?

Sure it’s out there, but mainly in lumber, and not too many guys are keen on trying to rip and plane it into 1/8" (or thinner) skin material. Come on, somebody. It’s begging to be done.

And no, it ain’t gonna be me either.

Wood is so perrty.


Sure would be nice if everybody could use full-length stock on those things

I want an alaia. Big plank. 2" x 22" x 8’ or somethin’ like that

I was taking a flintknapping class in central NJ and the two ther students who were in the 70’s were talking about how they had all these damned palownia trees on thier property. I told them they could easily have them cut and sold for lumber and they scoffed saying “the woods is garbage, I have been making cabinets as a hobby for 25 years and I have never seen it used” I geuss outside of surfboard building there really isn’t a demand for the stuff.

The guy I get my Paulownia from planted them 15 years ago, it was one of those investment fads, like ostrich farming and stuff.

But he’s slowly selling it to kayak builders and the like, he gets a few hundred bucks out of me every once in a while.

I get wood that is so consistent, all grown in the same plantation, most of my boards are probably from the same tree!

you can’t beat that.

Getting balsa from the hobby suppliers gives huge variation in the wood.


Anyone have an idea where to get it in Europe??

From a post i submitted Jan 06 - don’t know if the info is still valid or not:

Buyers of Paulownia for Domestic Markets

  • Mount Hope Farms, Dan Blickenstaff
    16345 Mt. Tabor Rd.

    Hagerstown, MD 21740

    (301) 790-2372

    Fax: (301) 790-1717

his email is does carry 3 - 4" stock but very expensive & long time to dry in kiln Does custom order, suggested 4/4 then glue up 4/4 premium 100bf $4/bf 4/4 #1 100bf $3/bf 4/4 #2 100bf $2/bf link where I found it: Nice guy - didn’t blow me off when I asked him all sorts of (probably dumb) questions.

Good luck!