Paper-backed pine veneer OK?

I’m bouncing around the idea that I may build my own next board and if I do I wouldn’t mind adding a wood veneer to the deck (and maybe the bottom also) and leave the rails clear (or I might paint them).  The core would be EPS (2 lbs probably) and I’d use epoxy resin (obviously).  While googling wood veneer almost all the veneer I’ve found is either 10 mil paper backed veneer?  Will that work?  I’m sure the paper will wick up a fair bit of resin, but if I vacuum bag it it should keep it from getting to thick / heavy, right?  I’m also looking at using pine instead of bamboo as it is lighter in color.  Any issues with using pine?

hi bigkahuna, i don´t know about pine but i use 0.6millimeter paper backed bamboo veneer as it is the only i get and its got good weight and strength.




Thanks uzzi.  I searched for more info and found a couple threads and it sounds like it should work.  Someone recommended using “Obeche” instead of bamboo / pine and it’s the cheapest wood veneer I’ve found so far.



Big K,

Atlantic Veneer in Beaufort has a retail outlet, they slice all sorts of veneer on site, paper backed and unbacked, just down the road from Morehead, near the end of lennoxville road. I have purchased backed mahogany in 1993 for a mini long board, made deck patches back before compsand was cool or even compsand.


Hey Pete  :)

Thanks for reminding me about Atlantic Veneer, I’m due for another visit there anyways.  Fantastic place to go if you’re into wood.  For this project I need to go as cheap as I can and that “Obeche” sells for $28 for a 2’x8’ sheet.  Last I checked Atl. Veneer was pretty reasonable and they sell very good quality stuff.  Time for a field trip…

Glad to hear from you, haven’t seen you in years now!


Try Alder. Usually the cheapest.  Comes alive under resin.