Past, Present, and Future Fins by ProBox/Larry

Hi Guys, I put together a little history of some unique fins with pictures that I promised you back on the LOKBOX or ProBox thread. Thought I would start with this set-up using a C.I. ProBox front fins of today with a Turbo rear fin from Multi Fins Austrialia. These fins were out in the mid 70’s. Fibre Glas Fin was the U.S. importer for 10 years, 1975 to 1985. The main use for these fins were for Boogie boards (Turbo Boogie Fins) as a twin fin set-up later moving into Tri fin set-up similar to the pics above which I put together for you. The hole concept in surfing gave you rapid turning ability because there was little lateral resistance going into a turn because the water would flow thru the holes until you came out of the turn which then the water would flow over the holes stablizing you when surfing down the line. More pics of different fins to come.

Here’s another fin in the 70’s called a Shadow Fin with the center cut out of it. Notice the close up of the inside area foil. This fin has a double foil, which would react at different points of use. One point would be that the Shadow Fin going into a turn acted like a 360 fin and responded quickly by allowing water to flow through the inside opening with no resistance. Secondly coming out of the turn the board would have a extremely loose feel until the board picks up speed and BAM!! the board would tighten up and drive down the wave. This fin in small waves felt alot like not having a fin at all.

brings whole new meaning to the idea of a “cutaway”

Here's a Standard Center Box Wing fin from Multi Fins Austrailia in the early 80's with a Probox Twin set-up of today. Funny how in 2007 FCS calls this Wing Fin NEW??? VERY INTERESTING (-;


Well I thought I saw Chip here,sorry was another time, he has posted about the fin, better to wait till I say something, I was speed reading, fair go boys, !st post then the last, my fin, 83' Australian design registration # bla bla, I'm not going to the filing cabinet to get the number, that is way wrong research though, blaaaaaaaaaaaa, coventry, ok off I go.



Correction made my friend, hope all is well. Mahalo, Larry

Howzit Larry, Bobby Allen of BASA surfboards has been making and riding those fis for years, nothing new.Aloha,Kokua

Hi Kokua, You are right! These fins are not new, I am not sure what fins you are talking about, but the fins I am posting are all out of the mid 70’s. This Thread is a history showing some fins I sold or made from the Past,to the Present then the future of fins we are going to make. I use old fins with new ProBox combinations to give the Swaylockians a little history, adding new combinations daily and alittle discussion on the way if anyone wants to join in like yourself. Please feel free Kokua to add in anytime along this Tread with your thoughts and input which I appreciate. Your knowledge in my posts are welcome, which gives the Swaylockians some information of the same history we all shared. Thanks for posting, information is golden. Mahalo

Howzit Larry, I was referring to the big cut out center fin. Bobby swears by them. Don’t know if you know him but he ran Russel Surfboards factory for years and now lives on a piece of Kauai that Russel ( Bob Brown ) also has a house on. The down side to those fins is don’t hit the reef or rocks since they will break pretty easily, but they are also easy to repair. This is a good thread and hopefully we will see some other fins from the past. Aloha,Kokua

Thanks Kokua, Don’t remember Bobby but I do remember Russel Surfboards. Most of my experience in selling the Shadow Fins were with people from north county like Ventura, Oxnard, Venice, Santa Monica and some Santa Barbara. Mahalo

Here’s the first urethane Brewer Temp. Fin in the mid 70’s with a 4 color fiber glass core made by us(Fibre Glas Fin). And the urethane was added by a company called I.D.I. in Gardena Calif. You could surf in the roped off swimming area if you had this fin in your board. Later a Surfer by the name of Mark Fleming came up with the urethane fin of today who licenced it to Surfco Hawaii.

What a blast brings back our youth.

These were popular in the mid 80’s in Aus for windsurf boards, slalom and wave. Anti ventilation fins. Some even had cannards or small finger fins in front.

But you can’t beat a well shaped foil.


boardbumps, Here’s another fin from Multi Fins Austrailia, which should bring back some memories the Fence fin.

wow…great thread…the fin with the holes and the shadow look like they would be super fun as trailers…time to get out the drill and sander…and the urethane fin looks like a blast all itself…sure they look wierd but so does my hatchet fin…keep em coming

Howzit Larry, Back in the 80's I got turned on to a bunch of those Brewer fins. Some of them I refoiled into smaller fins but think I still have 1 or 2 originals left. Remember when you could buy a fin blank ( unfoiled ) back in the late 60's and early 70's for about $1.50-$3, foiled all of my own fins and some for friends.Aloha,Kokua

Wroboman, Thought you might like this Strada Fin from Multi Fins Austrialia, along with a elliptical Robin Mair Hanalei Fin of today for ProBox. Mahalo

kokua, Never really had to buy fin blanks the surf shop where I learned to make fins, taught me to make fin blanks and foil them. But $1.50 to $3.00 is a steal, you scored. Mahalo

I think you guys will really like this board done by a good friend of my that I grew up with, Alfred Maldonado is his name. This board is glassed with Kevlar and Twin Fins that have adjustable toe in with vortex fins, done in 1982. Nice board Alfred I remember when you put these plugs in. Mahalo

Sorry guys I had a problem transferring this photo of Alfred’s Kelvar board. Mahalo, Larry

Here’s another piece of work from Alfred in early 80s, a slotted Fish Fin set-up. Notice the slots they are foiled, Alfred does not mess around when he gets in creative mode.

Here is a unique slotted single fin for surfing by Alfred. Take a close look at the first picture and you will see a roll pin in the trailing edge of this fin. Not to mention the foil on this fin, double foil at the bottom 2/3 section going into a single foil at the top 3rd section.