Patrick Shannon

Nice…!!!.. Tell us more about how you did it… And the final weight…???.. Ridden it yet…???.. Way to go…!!!.. Paul

Having someone of your artistic sense and craftmanship skills use the word “nice” is a great honour. Thank you. The balsa I used came in 3’x8’x1 3/4" edge laminated sheets. Apparently, they are used in the film industry. Since the sheets were extras the price was reasonable. Since all the pieces used to make the sheets were not the same size some scarfing was necessary to make the sticks blend. Using a rocker/thickness flow template I cut out the sticks on a band saw. I then glued up each side of the board and did the chambering. This was a mistake because I chambered to conservatively. After glue up I finished shaping and turned the rails. Since it was heavy I cracked it open and rechambered. Similarily, when I glassed the board, I did it twice. The first time I didn’t seal it enough over the cedar and the glass lifted in a number of spots. I finished it with the old standard gloss and polish. Probably should have shot an autobody clear. The logo, which is not very visible and consists of a small “S” and a shamrock was done with pigmented resin. The weight, even with the extra chambering, of the glassed board is still at 21 lbs. Perhaps when I have the time I will rechamber it and glass it with epoxy. I hope Jim Phillips video covers this topic. I hope to ride it this weekend if my old bones will let me. Paddled it last weekend. Loved the momentum. It reminded me of my youth. Next will be a six foot fish. With some creative scarfing I think I have enough wood. I still hope to do a hollow,but…those are difficult and you have set the bar at an intimindating level. As an aside: Earlier this evening I was showing my supportive spouse the picture on swaylocks of my board. I made the mistake of flipping over to your site to show her the boards - I could feel her opinion of my work decreasing. Once again thanks for the word. Take care and keep building those beautiful boards. Patrick

The past few weeks a friend without rudimentary carpentry skills, has been working on HIS own hollow…He’s doing it in my shop, I try to let him figure it out…He asks questions when he’s un-sure…He’s thinking through it and taking his time…And the board he’s coming up with is great…I wish my first one looked as good at this stage… So far he has built it to a completed framework…He’ll be designing the deck and bottom skins as he waits for the CF to arrive…Next week he’ll laminate the top and bottom skins and attach them to the frame…I think he’ll start the rails the following weekend… I’m stoked that the hollows are something that not just an accomplished woodworker can do, but anybody with some courage to try something outside of their comfort zone… I’ll probably re-write a lot of the HOW TO on the website since the procedure has progressed extensivly… Patrick…Way to go with your balsa…I’m stoked for you…And I know you are too… Paul

Beautiful board, Patrick!

Nice looking board…I’m getting a woody!

Thanks you guys. Ghunt; I have noticed you make some very beautiful boards yourself. Harry “Tuna” Balzak; Not entirely sure what you meant when you used the word “woody”, but either way it sounds like fun. By the way, “Tuna” would be a great name to be known as in the world of spearfishing. Thanks again. Patrick