Paul Gross -- still shaping?

I was looking through some old Longboard Quarterly mags and it seemed that PG wrote most of the articles in it and had a few boards featured (a hull and a longboard and a board he collaborated with Spence Kellog on) – just curious if he is still around?

He is still around…been sighted riding his bike along the coast in Ventura county. He has told me a number of times recently that he is through shaping, but he has said that before. He is displaced from his most recent shaping bay and a bit cynical about the surfboard business in general. I know of at least 3 people who are waiting for his return and I believe if he had a good place to shape without having to jump through hoops, he would be back at it. He loves shaping and experimenting and has said if he was independently wealthy… that is what he would be doing. Paul, if you can hear this… your creativity, humor and knowledge are missed!!!

BTY I think I ended up with the last board he made and I have had a couple people ride it and 2 of them after a few waves wanted to know how to get one. His boards are special.


Some of his editorials in that magazine had me rolling. Funny guy!

ditto what proneman said.Paul tends to get extremely focused on whatever interest he currently has going, which right now is bicycles—like in surfing, he starts experimenting and fine tuning his equipment-full force.he has taken a relatively stock road bike and has tweaked and fine tuned it to the nth degree(like his boards and fins)i suspect, and hope, that he will get back into the shaping bay soon…