paul jensen coming to ireland

heard today that you are doing a hollow board buildingcourse in ireland next may!

how long are you over for? would love to go for a surf with you! though i may try and get a place on the course.

Posters a being printed…Looks like a pretty sure thing…

I’ll be over for close to a month I think…

The class is supposed to be a long weekend thing…

Yeah, let’s get together and surf…



Have fun !!!..lucky dog !!! wish I was going…Herb.

Dont think I can get a kitchen pass for the course, But I’d certainly love to see your boards and say hello when you get here. PM me when your coming over and you have an idea of your itenarary, There are a lot of places off the map here. Its very fickle so inside knowledge is a must. I’m based in West Cork.

Hi Paul.

I’d also definetly be interested in attending any course you run here in Ireland.

Do you know which part of the country you’ll be in…

And as with Burnsie and PaulUK … I’d be glad to show you some decent surf spots…

May can be such a nice month here in Ireland as well.

Hopefully we’ll talk as it gets close to May



Keep me posted too! I’ve a friend who lives in county clare (near spanish point) with a nice big workshop if it’s any use

cheers joe

For more information contact:

Ben Johnson at:

wow this is exciting…been wanting to see your boards ever since i discovered sways…anyway, might be able to attend the class more out of pure curiosity…and would love to meet up for a surf… live pretty much on the opposite side of the island from paul and burnside though…

Any plans to make it over to England, I’d love to see your boards first hand.

If not I’m sure I can get over to Ireland for a long weekend.