Paul Jensen HWS course in Jersey, Channel Islands

Hi everyone.

I’m sure that most of you remember our recently resigned moderator and resident hollow wooden surfboard guru Paul Jensen but, if not, you can check out his website here:

Paul will be conducting a 3 day workshop over the bank holiday at the end of May (23-25). We will build two collabrative boards which will be auctioned off with the proceeds of one board going to SAS and the other to a local charity. The cost of the course is 350 Euros (Paul’s site still says £250 I believe; this is because I actually wrote what you will see on his site and when I wrote it £250 was near enough to 350 Euros I thought it would just be easier on everyone. Cue the recession and plummeting sterling…) and you will receive your choice of templates and Paul’s ‘How-to’ CD. Paul has also said that with prior notice he can supply frame kits (the ‘skeleton’ of the surfboard) for whatever board you want, there’s more info regarding that on his site.

If you’ve never been to Jersey this is just as good an excuse as any. We don’t normally get a lot of surf in May but, if my Guiness soaked, sunburned brain serves me correctly, we had waves almost all of last summer so who knows?

This course is not for profit and all monies after expenses will be going to non profit organizations.

If you would like to register for the course the easiest way is on Paul’s site. If you want more info you can email me at

Just in case you’re a bit daft like me and haven’t picked up on this, we are in Old Jersey, not New Jersey! To aid in your situational awareness, this is a quick flight from London, not New york!

The course should be good fun and it would be great to meet some other swaylockers.