Paul Jensen

Hey Paul! Did you get the video yet, and if so, how did it turn out?? Later.By the way, could you send some surf our way-it’s been shi–y!!!

Matt… …I did get it…Watched it while working in the shop and a sit down viewing with the morning coffee… …I was so moved by PV,that I shot out an e-mail to Severson expressing gratitude for him making such a classic…and going further, thanking him for SURFER and how it helped shape me into who I am, and what I do today… …He return e-mailed me…Thanking me for the kind words, telling me about his first wood board and saying he was aware of my work with the hollow boards, etc… …It really made my day… …watch your mail box for something soon… …What other rarities might you be holding…???..Maybe we can trade…???.. …e-mail: …I’ll sent a message to the Guy Upstairs about your surf woes…I think up here we’re gonna have a good next week… Paul

Paul- Good to hear the word of your boards is getting out-e-mail me a wish list and we’ll see what we can work out.I am really diggin’ that fin on your 7’4"!Oh, and thanks ahead for any surf that trickles down this way! Matt

Have you ever tried filling up your hollow wood boards with helium? With helium inside it seems like you could make your boards thinner, lighter and float a lot better. But maybe they`d explode? thanks