Paulownia supplier

G'day wooden board builders,

                              I am a grower/supplier of Paulownia wood,I am based in Australia.  If you require paulownia for board construction. I have recently harvested some large trees. Have clear 'A' grade boards up to 16' long and 20" wide. I presently supply the Aussie market, If there are board makers out there interested in purchasing paulownia,then contact


Bewdy !

 Have you had other board makers use your wood before or is this first time offered ?

While youre here, maybe you can tell us all a bit more about Paulownia, like what to look for when selecting strips/ planks ?

 How to store them ?

 How to spot bad wood?

 Limitations ?

 Waht you know about laminating with P, chemical resistance of, How best to repair P.

 How fast does it grow, is it something that a regular person could grow and mill.

 Oh and the cost per sq m, and shipping costs please?

Whatever you can think of would be most appreciated..

Hi Surffoils, The wood is very stable, resists splitting When oiled the boards repels salt water. Stronger and far cheaper than Balsa. Look for knot free boards (allthough the timber close to the knots is harder ) Polyester resins are compatable. The wood is easy to work with, because it's soft your tools need to be sharp.I supply Dozens of wooden board makers along the east coast of Australia including Tom Wegener of Noosa Heads, George Cooper From Cresent Head, Mitchel Ray Outer Island boards Nambucca Heads.a shaper @ Mctavish Boards from Byron Bay , The trees grow well in well drained fertile soil, they need full sunlight and T.L.C.    Can grow over 16' tall in the first growing season. I sell timber for $2,000/ cubic mtr or about $4.60/board foot.    Freight is cheaper if ordering a 20' container approx 20 cubic mtrs.        I hope that I have been of help.

Thanks for that Treeman, years ago we were all doing poly boards then epoxy got a lot of press and a lot more people were interested. Keep up the information and how-to-use info and a lot more people will want to get on board with Pawlonia.

 You mention oiling, what sort of oil do you recommend,  could varnish be used, whats specific tools is the backyard shaper likely to need to use Powlonia successfully. And if someone wanted to try it on a board about 2 m in length X .5 wide, how does P come to fit that application, is it available in veneer thicknesses and does it come in any length or in shorter lengths of 700 which are cheaper using Aust Post. Im buying veneer from Melbourne and they can ship 1.5m or .7m and the postage is a lot more exxy for the longer strips. $90 Vs $30.

 Whats strips, planks, veneers and block sizes are available from you ?