paulownia supply


Does anyone know where I can find some paulownia lumber in the OC area? All of the suppliers I have encountered online have either been in a very distant location, or only offer grow-it-yourself trees.

Brad Tucker has some here’s his website:


this is a Paulownia Board and I got some of my wood from him.


stretch has a shitheap of paulownia veneer at his factory in santa cruz and i think it might be for sale. they might also be able to tell you where to buy some. and there’s a guy who posts here, nick van … who i think bought a bunch to make a chambered board. might see if you can look him up.


Brad Tucker has some here's his website:


this is a Paulownia Board and I got some of my wood from him.


I wanted to buy some so I asked, and he said "we still sell Paulownia but we’ve got limited quantities. We don’t make much money on it so we’re only selling it with the purchase of a kit or glued up and surfaced Alaia blanks unless it’s a bro deal. We’ve also sold a few finished Alaia’s Cache and Jack are both getting pretty good at shaping them. The planks are all 1 ¼” x 6” x 96”. We also get a good deal on 1 ½” x 1 ½” x 36” balsa sticks that are from a Vegas show ( long story) Short story is they are a good price and great for solid rails, nose and tail blocks. Internal fillers etc."

I have shaped a couple hundred or so handplanes over the last year.  Most have been Paulownia.  I get all my Paulownia from Paulownia Lumbar and Supply.  They are located in South Carolina and can handle pretty much any size order.  Here is thier web address  and you can e-mail Rod at  Great people that provide great service.  They ship them to me in North San Diego.


 Closer to home you can get ahold of Jon Wegener in Hermosa Beach. He is Tom's brother and a real great guy. He sells blanks and other paulownia things. His web address is      and you can e-mail him at 

If you are interested in a handplane blanks, I just got 50 and would be willing to part with a few.  they measure 18" x 9.5" x 1"  you can email me at


Hey guys sorry if I’m ressurecting an old thread but I was wondering if there was any update on this? Im looking to shape a hand plane and I know I’m probably going to fudge the first few so I’d love to find ar eliable source I can get some blanks from. ThankS!

Jon Wegener is now in North SD County but still often has Paulownia he might be willing to sell, woodsurfboardsupply still carries it but their prices are way too high.

I have bought from this outfit in the past and been happy with what I’ve got.