Pederson Jet Bottom on Australian Ebay

There is a nice looking 5’5" standup Pederson jetbottom for sale (Phillip Island) if anyone is interested.

Hope I got the attachment thing correct.

Cheers to all.


yep , that’s my brother’s one …

[from one of my previous threads…]

…I sure hope a “Swaylocker” gets it , so we can see it in action , and hear how it rides !

cheers ,


Your brothers ! Shouldn’t he be offering it to you cheap first (given your interest in all such surfing things historical, innovative and single). Wouldn’t mind it myself but it’s a little too short for me to be able to use. Your brother doesn’t drive a very black panelvan does he ? Lots of “gothic” murals and “signs”, etc.



nup , simon’s a surfer not a bogan.

Yeah, good onya…tell the bloody world!! There goes me cheap jet bottom!!

…unless you’re a kneeboarder , forget it .


welcome back Paul …where the heck have ya been ???

yeah, thanks heaps RDM!

you deserve the board , lowrider *…I’d love to hear how it goes in your right hand point breaks up there …

if you were going to use it regularly …I could ask Simon what he could arrange … he has friends in queensland , that he drives up and visits most years …

cheers ,


  • nothing personal Paul , I like you man …it’s just that “lowy” is a kneeboarder , you see , and that board deserves to be knee ridden , as it was by Simon in its heyday at little av.

Hey come on man…I can kneeride on me mal!! Prolly be easier on a smaller board tho. Only ever do it by accident when I forget to comb up me wax before I go out and slip on the first wave. Not real elegant!!

Thanks for the sentiments, Chip!

Out of my league tho’ : A$635…

Anyone here get it??

No mate, not me. I was shooting for that old 9’ Ron mal this morning but that got a tad rich as well.

My humblest apologies lowrider and wheels 1. I naively thought I may be doing some fellow Swaylockian (such as yourselves) a favour if they weren’t aware of such a board for sale and were chasing something like it . Didn’t mean to spoil your chance of a bargain if you were already bidding. Lesson learnt - I will not post such information again. Once again sorry if I have screwed things up for you.



Not to worry; I always naively hope that nobody else has seen the listing…

Of course, that’s not the case…so many collectors out there!



Christ Rohan, don’t take it personally!! As Lowy said, we all sit there thinking we’re the only ones seeing the board but forgetting Oz is full of collectors who are cashed up. I was only takin the piss mate!!

Thanks Wheels 1 and Lowrider. I am not adverse to taking the piss myself but you sometimes just never know if you have really pissed someone off. I erred on the side of caution just in case - wouldn’t want to make myself unwelcome around here. Should have known better that I was dealing with people on Swaylocks.



Earle still shapes and the jets are $100 or were the last time I spoke to him.

Try or maybe try dhd.

he is in the phone book but I don’t think I should post it on the web

Hey cool pandanus, thanks for that!!

Hey Wheels,

lookee here…


don’t know if the link works…

too long for me!!


Nah Andy, I couldn’t get the link to boot up, just encountered an error page. Something good methinks?

Edit - just got your pm, lookin later tonite, thanks mate!