Penguin Update *PIC*

OK, have plans and the templates are enroute from Paul Cole and Tony Emerton. The blank is enroute from homeblown ( is MDI foam, a more environmentaly sound, stronger foam type. 4 way fin system arrived,( looks really good. You can change Toe angle, splay angle and longetudinal positioning. There was a question earlier about impact damage. The system is triple redundant. 1)If the fin makes hard contact the foil will swivel 2)If the fin makes hard contact the foil will snap out at tab 3)If the fin makes hard contact the disc will break out of box The board should be ready in the next 6 weeks.

MDI more environmentally freindly and stronger? I doubt it. If anything, TDI makes a stronger product. They both are not environmentally freindly. MDI is safer to use than TDI. With TDI you need to take a lot of safety steps. The guys at Clark Foam are all on air. As far as being stronger, you can blow that one out your ass. That is a pretty general term. Everyones foam has compromise based off what they think is best. You can actually do more with TDI’s but it isn’t used much any more due to the safety requirements using it. The difference between using TDI and MDI is if you had a quart of TDI in a gallon paint can and a quart of MDI in a gallon paint can and took off both lids, the TDI would become airborne easier, allowing it to be breathed causing a possible respritory hazard. If you dumped TDI in a river and MDI in a river, they would probably both have similar negative impact to the river. Sluggo