Pens/markers that can be used on blanks in Aust?

Hi Guys

Does anyone know if these are available in Australia? If not, is there an equivalent that would work on a surfboard blank?



Hey Monty

You can buy posca pens at most newsagents.

edit : Only used them on a fillercoat not directly on the blank.



On the fillercoat? . . . OK Mooneemick.



If you have trouble at the newsagent try spotlight

Not sure whats available near you but in my collection of pens I have


Zig poster man

and water based Sharpe

Rotary (lithograth) pens filled with indian ink.

you can get differnt nibs in each sixe a L or XL chissle tip is good for filling in large areas, while I do most the blending with the REG bullet tip.

Basicaly all water based accrylic, you can use and blend the different brands, and its useful to have the same colours in different brands as they are all slightly different, ie the posca green is not the same as the post man so it gives you a larger range of colours.

do a black out line round the whole piece to make it pop.

Sand the hot coat to 240 to stop

seal them with water based acrylic spray or futures. if glossing go careful not to sand through.

Check Drew Brophy’s web site or myspace for some more tips and some vids of him using the pens.

He has a new Dvd out “paint pen techniques with Drew Brophy” I haven’t got it yet but intend to in the near future.

Hope that helps

Howzit Monty, Are you going to put a gloss over the pen work? If yes then go with the Posca or other water based pens. I no gloss then use a permanant marker since it should last longer. Aloha,Kokua

Hey Guys

Thought I might show you how the finished item looks with the Posca pens. I’m pretty happy with the outcome.

Thanks all for your advice!


so for crazy art work with paint pens it should be done after the glassing and before the top gloss coat?

much thanks.


you can do paint or paint pens at any stage…

on the shaped blank, on the lam, on the hot-coat before gloss or without gloss.

but, in my experience, permanent (non water based) markers bleed if you put resin

on them. on my first board, i wrote on it with regular sharpie and when i went to lam

the board, the sharpie bled all over the place. i immediately came on sways and did a

search and (if memory serves) Kokua had posted to only used water based if it’s going to

get resin over it…

for what it’s worth, i was using Epoxy, but i think it applies to PE also.

cool. so just stick with water based pens.

does the clarity get worse if painted under the glass? i would believe so but then again im a noob

Howzit yamaharacer, I wouldn’t recommend using pens on the foam because they have a tendency to make ruts or dents in the foam. When you lam the board the ruts or dents will need extra resin to fill them, best to do pen art on hotcoat or sanded finish.Aloha,Kokua

Hey monty

That came out great. Is that the one for your young fella ?

I took Pandanus’ advice and checked out Spotlight they have a huge range of posca and zig pens etc.



Hi Yamy

I actually found the colour looked better under the gloss coat . . . Any uneveness of pen application disappeared and the colour looked stronger.

Just to note, the black was fine but even though the green colour looked stronger it did bleed in a little area. I did have it recommended to me that it might be worth doing a clear coat of acrylic over the artwork first to stop this happening. I did a little test instead which looked OK . . . I didn’t want to spend the money on the clear acrylic.


Thanks Mooneemick!

Yeah my lad actually did the artwork and logo as part of a design/art assignment. It’s off being assessed at the moment. Then we can see how the board works!