Wich main caracteristics share modern shapes in terms of performance?

I think one of them could be concaves single or double. 

What else?

I’d have to say rocker, flex/foil, and rail shape. Different templates create a wide variety of boards, all kinds of which cam be considered “performance.” Concaves may or may not be present, but you’re more likely to find concaves on performance boards than any other bottom shape. Fins and fin configurations are all over the map. Materials have come a long way, too, but there’s a lot of variety there.

I’d argue modern rocker, foil/flex, and rails determine what people consider a “performance” shortboard.

An infinite combination of things.

performance to one surfer is totally different to others, for me it varies from surf to surf and definitely from board to board....


bit like 'success', some think its about money, and those people have things all all messed up...haha......

the last one I saw from the championship was full concave all-over the board..

sharp rails, small tri fins...



The closing down of Clark foam blew the doors open for performance materials. EPS, Compsands, ect.

I think so too.

For me, for barrel beach break i surf, weight is the key. If board is ultra light it can be smaller and sharp but still paddel good, that’s easiest to late take off and ride down the line. But board need to be snap resistant if you want to keep it in one piece on good days.

Sorry for my frenglish