Pete Mel Boards Stolen Santa Cruz

Keep your eyes open: Someone broke into the Freeline Factory and stole Pete's quiver. Darwin Award status- If you see them contact police and the Mels at Freeline

Multiple Surfboards STOLEN from our Freeline Factory/Shaping Room: Freeline Shapes, Stretch, Brewer, Wilderness, Christensen and Peter Mel JC's stolen from our factory. Please keep your eyes peeled.
7'10 & 8'2 JC quad clear (for Peter on the bottom) black JC logo's
10' Christensen three fin, black and white spray on deck (Maverick's Gun)
9'9 JC three fin yellow with red curren stripe (Maverick's Gun)
10' Peter Mel Freeline Pink,Yellow & Green (Maverick's Gun) Iconic board
9'6 Stretch Quad, orange and yellow (Maverick's Gun)
6'6 Brewer tow board five stringer, three fin all yellow with bb weights.
10' Wilderness grey and white three fin Big Wave Gun
9'8 JC Quad Big Wave Gun
Board bags that the boards were in.


I don't have any. These are mostly specialized boards, not like anyone will be able to use these boards in the waves they were meant for without being noticed. Drugs can make people do stupid things.

Darwin award indeed.  Where the $&^*@ are they going to fence those.  Big market in really distinctive mavs boards.