Peter Drouyn

Hey people, i just want to know what the American perception of Peter Drouyn is…has anyone heard of the man the revolutionised professional surfing judging?? Not to mention being an outstanding surfer and Australian champion in 1970. talk to me. Andrew

What I know of Peter Drouyn is that he was/is a hot surfer, brought about the man on man competition, had some innovative board designs. I saw him out at Laniakea some 30 years ago, simply ripping.

Never met him or seen him surf. I do remember seeing a unique fin arrangement he designed that was featured in a magazine. Totally asymmetrical (the fin set up, not the board itself) twin fin with a skeg-like fin on one side of the stringer and a smaller more modern looking fin on the other side. They were not equidistant from the stringer and I believe the toe-in was different as well. Absolutely out of the box thinking for sure!

I remember Drouyn ,I think theres some footage of him at Johana in the 1970 world titles in Sea of Joy ,I think he got 3rd or 4th.PT used to ride those Bi fins neat boards.And a bit of an actor in aus.if remember right.Theres a film on him also called Drouyn.A solid compitator from longbords to shortboards .

dont forget he surfed china and never told any thing about those right points?..ambrose

O.k. Heres talking to you: A fine surfer, BUT- Peter Drouyn has been loudly spewing (to whoever will listen) for 30 odd years that Bob McTavish, Nat Young, George Greenough, Paul Witzig, et al-- have been outright lying about the origins of the short board revolution and its key players. He says it was nothing less than a complete whitewash, a conspiracy of deception. His opinions reek of bitterness and intellectual dishonesty. His public statements have been very similar to those of Midget Farrelys. Drouyn said some particularly ugly stuff about Greenoughs role. Too bad because much of Greenoughs contributions to Austrailian surfing (from early 1960`s onward) were documented and can be independently verified. Conclusion: Peter D and Midget F. = stinking sour grapes.

Come on, it’s a well known fact that Bob McT, GG, and all those other posers are all filthy rich and living in Switzerland with all the profits they reaped from stealing the credit for MF and PD’s inventions! Why just last night I saw George Greenough get out of a gold plated Hummer limo with Madonna on his arm on the Grammy awards telecast! He was wearing a mink wetsuit! Bob McTavish was lighting Puffy Comb’s cigars with $100 bills! Is’nt it also true that Bill Gates calls Nat Young for investment tips? And to think that all this was funded by ill gotten gains from the stolen design for the short board and Flex Fin! And to think that Nostradamus predicted the rise of the thruster in the Middle Ages and got absolutely no credit for it at all…

manzi, you have no idea. sure there is a lot of deception going on about the shortboard revolution but to say greenough is hanging with madonna shows your ignorance. Greenough is one man that no-one can criticise…he lives the surfing life…and drives and old beaten up 4WD. get with it.

Oh yeah and I forgot to say that also in the Hummer with Greenough and Madonna were Elvis Presley and Generalissimo Francisco Franco… If you actually took that post literally I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn (and also some Chinese manufactured shortboards). Just send me a check made out to “CASH” PS - Do you ride a Surftech?

right on manzi…its all cool. i was barkin up the wrong tree.

No Biggie, Daniel. What I was trying to sarcastically illustrate was that all the detractors of GG, Bob McT, etc. seem to be acting as if those guys made a cartload of $$ and were basking in some sort of ill deserved glory for “stealing” the flex fin and other design innovations. The real truth is that no matter who invented what, there is probably not one person who has ever gotten truly “rich” solely from any aspect of surfboard manufacture or design, ever. And I’m talking “rich” in the Donald Trump realm, not simply being able to live in a modest home in Hawaii. The irony is that all the “rich surfer types” are probably rich because they sold clothing or something else entirely unrelated to actual surfboards (although most all the goods were somehow “linked” by name or association to surfboards or surfing in some way, or else kooks would not buy them in an attempt to seem cool). Any shop owner will tell you that the boards are the least profitable item in the entire shop by far. By the way, does it seem logical that the guys who claim to have innovated these key concepts in surfing so long ago are so smart that they have not been able to actually “invent” anything else significant in the 30 or so years since then? I know that Greenough is still designing cutting edge fins, and Bob McT is still designing boards. But I guess they just must be stealing all these new ideas from someone else…