Petrillo Help Needed

Looking for some help with a project board I just picked up. Here’s some background, my local shop in Houston (Surfhouse) ran the Petrillo factory for a couple years when Frank Pertillo left California for Texas. I Just got my hands on an 8’2” Pertillo displacement hull with some serious V in the tail.

My original plan was to do a blank up restoration, strip it, clean up the shape and re-glass it with the proper logos and any shapers markings that could be saved.

Here’s my dilemma, I’m not looking for a wall hanger as much as a functional piece of local surf history that I can take out in the water and enjoy.

Here’s the new plan, sand it out smooth and fix any dings or delams I might find. Then do an opaque finish with a pin line and the accurate logos. I would also add a resin leash loop. I know it’s not historically accurate but I am keeping the Wave Set fin box.

So what are your thoughts, am I going about this the wrong way?

Any input you have is is greatly appreciated.

Sounds like a worthwhile project whatever you do. The glass off rebuild sounds ambitious but will certainly yield a finer result if you are a good glasser.

Send photos!

Still learning the fine art of glassing. I think I’m going to keep it simple and sand it out, fix any dings and do the opaque finish. I’ll get some pics of the finished board out there when it’s complete.

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