Phat Pig Model

Is anyone familiar with the Phat Pig Model? Is this a Takayama design? This past week my wife and brother in law both fell in love with model but the $600.00 pricetag is a bit excessive. I’ve been shaping boards for the past three years, so now they want me to shape one for them. It’s a beautiful design with a nice bottom shape. Long V and what looks like a slight double concave. The overall planshape flows nicely and the rails have a nice “eggy” feel to them. The board is produced by Boardworks Hawaii. I have the standard dimensions (7’ X 22" X 21/2") but would like to know the rocker measurements as well. Can anyone help out?

designed by a guy here on the northshore for Cheaterfive a japanese company. A significant spiral vee on the bottom, so much the board won’t even lay flat on the floor.

so far everyone I’ve talked to that’s ridden one hasn’t liked it, even the guy behind the counter at blueplanet hawaii the local boardworks distributor. Most said it feels like the board pushes water.

On the other hand, the boys in the country say they’ve seen some underground guys just tearing up some select country spots on the design. Maybe it needs some juice to get it going

The Phat Pig is shaped and designed by Kirk Pfifer who owns Cheater Five. Originally from Southern Cali and now a north shore local. He’s a really nice, down to earth guy with a lot of cool ideas, the Pig being one of them. There was a big push for them a year or two ago but I havent seen as many as of late. I know two guys who ride them and both like em. I was amazed how easily one guy caught waves with his 7 foot Pig. He is like 6 ft and at least 180 lbs. I guess it depends who you ask and some will say they like it and some will say they don’t, much like any other board out there. I don’t know much about the rocker measurements, but they do look a little straight rocker wise.

Thanks oneula & Foamdust,

I appreciate your feedback. Think I’ll lessen the V, keep a fairly low rail rocker and a slight roll under the nose. Hopefully that’ll alleviate the paddling issue. I’ll pickup the blanks this weekend and try to have pics on Sunday or Monday.