Phil Edwards Cat for sale

Man, if I had the money I’d scoop this puppy (or should I say kitty) up in half a heart beat! “El Gato” a 26’ catamaran built by Phil Edwards is for sale- $9,900 including trailer. This cat reeks of surf history.

The actual web address is too long to post here but go to- and check it out…

and if one of you swaylockers buy it please invite me for a sail!

I saw Phil Edwards motoring out of Dana Point Harbor yesterday in his uniquely styled 26’? outboard power boat. That Catamaran looks to have similarly styled lines and is roughly the same color.

Yeah, Surfer’s Journal did a write up awhile back about Edward’s power boat ( built by another long time surfer shaper- Dennis Choate). Besides being a part of history, the boat is beautiful. The design hasn’t really aged at all, if you know anything about boats, and to me is really pleasing to the eye.

Hey! Maybe if four of us got together we could form a sailing syndicate, purchase the boat for less than $2500 each, spend about $50 a month each for a slip fee and have something to do when it’s flat and/or blown out! Anybody? LA area- King Harbor, Marina del Rey or Cabrillo?