Photo size

i want to post some pics I took with my iPhone, but know there was an issue in the past with image size. Question is, how do I know from the iPhone what the image size is and if it’s not compatible with the forum rules, how to go about resizing them?

The forum rules allow posting large oversize photos.  It tends to freeze the screen on some computers, my Gateway included, but I got so much flak trying to get people to post screen-sized photos that I no longer give a flying fark.  It’s all been covered, I’m not going to go over old ground, and hear the same old “do you have an antique computer, still on AOL?” crap.  Just post 'em up.  If I get time I’ll resize them on my computer with MS Paint, if not, then I won’t. 

Thanks Huck. I was just trying to not cause any issues.

No problem, it is appreciated.  I don’t know how to resize on I-phone, but its easy on computer with MS Paint.  If you right click on the photo and get it’s URL, you can post the URL in the browser and see the photo at the size posted - if its way bigger than your screen, its probably bigger than it needs to be, and creates problems for some of us.  When I have time, I go through and resize oversized photos, and turn them right side up, also easy with Paint.  Which I have been made aware also pisses some people off, oh well.

Didn’t Gateway Computer go the way of the dinosaur in 2007 or 2008???  


Let me guess…

You use a Mac?


Yeah probably.  I’m not crazy about it, but its what I have.  I don’t use a computer in my work, unlike my wife, so I don’t have a nice modern setup like she does.  About all I use mine for is swaylocks and email.  She bought me a Kindle Fire, thinking it was the same as a notebook.  It won’t go on internet without wi-fi, so I don’t use it much when I’m on a jobsite during the week.  I use my i-phone a lot during the week, and the photos are worse yet on that thing.