photographer Warren Bolster ...

( the former editor of “Skateboarder” magazine , and assistant editor of “Surfer” magazine in the '70s ) * has put out another book … has anyone here got it , or seen it ?

I’d love a review, as it will cost HEAPS to order it here in Perth … Can anyone help out, please ?

He would have to be my all time favourite surfing water photographer, and skate photographer.

The camera board stuff he does nowadays ?

STILL blows my mind… he’s taken Steve Wilkings stuff from the 70’s [which was GREAT !] up a notch… water droplet-free camera board photos ??? …INCREDIBLE!!!

Anyway…any help, reviews, comments on the book…MUCH appreciated !

thanks, guys !


  • He now also contributes some of his classic shots to the excellent ‘Concrete Wave’ skate magazine, eg : -


it will cost HEAPS to order it here in Perth … Can anyone help out please ?

Do you mean can we buy it for you and ship it to OZ?

Frank, that’s a really kind offer…

first , I have to chase around the bookstores here and the east coast [I ordered the “dogtown z-boys” book from Sydney, for example].

I really wouldn’t want to put you guys to that sort of trouble.

A lot of the time , I just sit and drool at the books we don’t get here [like Warren’s edition of the ‘Master’s Of Surf Photography’ series, and pretty much ALL the Surfer’s Journal books and mags.

 hope I can get THIS one !! 


warren used to float, clicking away, in the water at Big Rock, La Jolla in the early 70’s on swells. He possibly still has some of the first shots by a professional photog of original Lis Fish riding. I remember dropping in late on 4-6ft double ups in front of the rock, with militant local kneeboarders ready and threatening to stuff you, and then avoiding Warren and Jeff Ching hanging in the face of the fricken’ sucked out barrels while getting yelled at by Rock locals with ganga breath and long blonde hair! So much for the summer of love aftermath!! Brewer semi-guns were highly coveted and lis fishs were dominate. Of course, a block north at Wind’an’pee your car was getting vandalized by upper class millionaires sons standing guard in the parking lot(now either dead or mindblown!)… I held my own. Of course i played by the rules usually, which are badly mutated or forgotten now, the enforcers all look like humpty dumpty alcoholics nowadays…the rock is really nothing nowadays, brazilian bodyboard spot. Underground heroes were made from that spot and talked about for years after from Butch Van Artsdalen, Dale Dobson, Joe Roper, many others.

geez, I’m glad I live in australia …

I build Warrens surf mats, both for photography as well as surfing. From our conversations, Ive learned he likely has the mother lode of all images (and stories) documenting the Lis Fish phenomenon… never-before-seen, shot at ground-zero. I`m not sure what he plans on doing with all of it.

In spite of numerous injuries and surgeries, he`s still active, a brilliantly creative and technical photographer. His hero is George Greenough. These days Warren greatly enjoys spending time in Fiji.


I haven’t forgotten about you,got a package coming your way,soon.Herb

No problemo, Herb! You`re a straight shooter… I had no doubts. Thanks