photos ....



Manly , 1980

Irony …









Cool stuff chip those possums are just waiting to be road kill though

no waaay maaan


  possums are the only friends I have in this here craaazy place


I’ll take the compliment on the photos , though …thanks , Tom !!


  how have the waves been there in " inzerd  " , lately ?


 Have you had any new board or fin work going on at your place , lately ??



   cheers mate !



Haha you aussies are always a bit touchy about your possums.

Surf here has been terrible even had a jelly fish plauge, two ok days in the last month.
Got a fish to glass but still waiting on fin boxes from one place and cloth from another.

How about you Ben water must have warmed up a bit?

not really


  heaps of cold onshores


what finboxes are  you going to use , mate ?


  proboxes ?


  please feel free to post YOUR photos here , Tom !  …it’s not letting me now , all of a sudden ?


  I’d be  keen to see what your fish looks like , for starters …


  a twin keel ??


will you try a tint job , on the fish ?


  cheers Tom !




 they are really friendly and tame , at the moment there is only the one young possum around , but the other young one often goes away for days on end …

Hey Ben,

The above/below the waterline is my favorite.


I thought those were Aussie house cats!


I am still trying to figure out a blank and time for our little project Ben (wink wink).

Beautiful pics as usual.

thanks , big bazza !


 it’s always  great to hear from you !


yes , one day[ if i ever developed balls of steel ?!] , I would LOVE to get an above /  below the wave split vision shot of a surfer [safer with bodysurfers , really , though …or mats !]


  re: " wink wink [ nudge nudge …say no more ] " …


…perhaps 'our ’ little / ? BIG ?!!  project …

…could be your christmas present to yourself … and / or the doubters here on 'Swaylock’s,  who ignorantly dismissed it as ‘too hard’ [sanding] , ‘a gimmick’ , ‘wanky’ , or whatever ?!


…the creator knows how they go ,  eh ?! and has kept doing them , over four decades , so…


…maybe by christmas , YOU will , too ?


  stay in touch via email or facebook please,  as I’m so stoked , after 9 long years here , that you are taking up the challenge , when NO-ONE ELSE would !


  …YOU are  a TRUE and open-minded shaper , mate ! [a rarity in this conformist environment , a breath of FRESH AIR !]


  keep up the good work , big bazza !


  yep , if possums are our house cats




wait till you see the size of our DOGS !!  haaaa


  [ By the way , Baz … have you still got your aussie friend nearby there ?]


    cheers !


  ben , vicco

Yeah Ben,

Thanks for the complement.

I remain true to my punk rock, non-conformist ways. I strive to NOT follow trends, and let that dictate the look and style of my boards. It is these beliefs that differentiate myself from other surfboard builders. Or I’m just mad.

I personally know quite a few of your fellow country men.

Mike Andrews, I think he’s from Cronulla.

Shapes for Channel Islands now.

Marty Allen (MAD)

brings me boards to paint.

And Stuart D’Arcy stops by when in the states.

Too many to list.

You Aussies are a good bunch!

Good guys.


the hawaiians are , too !


  and the brits and kiwis


in fact ,


  anyone who doesn’t take themselves [and it all ] , too seriously , is okay in our books !

If you two are talking about what I think you are then cool sht look forward to seeing it progress.

The fish is gonna be a quad  gearbox  boxes hopfully waiting waiting  same deal on glass container for that is ment to be here end of the week so  If the glass arrives before the boxes I will just do glass ons.

I was thinking about making a thinner slightly narrower mini sim. Then I read  the modern fish thread again. And thought I would like a smaller lighter fish last one was 6’4x22 pu epoxy heavily glassed with a 1in cedar stringer  strong but 9lbs and to big really . This one is 5’10x21  It may be a complete balls up  and snap on the first wave but  hey that would be just an excuse to build another. :slight_smile:


Heres a pic its not very good sorry I need to find another lead for the camera my cell isnt  the best, and is probably not helped by my poor photography skills.


Did you surf the board with the carbon fins in?