Piant and pigment pens again? Sorry.

I’ve found other pigment based pens at Micheals craft store, but not Zigs can’t even get Posca’s there. Are they all basically the same as long as they say “pigment based”. Micheals is the only art supply store in my area, is anyone getting a good paint or pigment based pen from them?

if you find other types of pigment pens, buy one and test it out. By the way, I’ve found zig pens in the calligraphy section of some stores, you just have to hunt for them.

Micheal’s is about as much an art store as ACE is a hardware store… if I had kids I wouldn’t let them shop there.

Do you have a Pearl Art Supply near by? It’s worth the drive. I bet you can’t walk to the pens and back without seeing at least two things that inspire a new project.

They have POSCA and a few Zigs, but they’ll special order. They keep them locked up, as most stores do… that whole ‘tagging’ thing - so you have to look.