Pic. Posting

It used to be you could post a pic thru the board section but now I’m lost. I checked the archives for info but found nothing.Help! Aloha, Kokua

Kokua, To post a pic of my last board I did the following, click on “Resources” at top of page. You will end up on Swaylocks Resources page. Right above that click on “Add Resource”. Then when you get to Select Category, click on downward facing arrow. Select which category you want to post your pic in, then click “go”. From there you can add an URL or an image you have on your hard drive or disc. I hope this helps.

Thanks Foamdust I’ll try that. Aloha, Kokua

O.K. Foamdust, followed your instructions but where and how do I upload the pic.once I get to new resources. I can’t be that dumb, Kokua

Hey Kokua, Assuming youre at “Swaylocks Resources: Add a Photo”. Fill in the required fields, scrolling down to “Image Uploads”- Go to Image One. Click on browse. From there you will have to go to where youve saved your image. Either to your hard drive, your floppy drive, CD, etc. Highlight the image you want to send, then click on the Open button on the bottom right side of that window. Your image file name should be in the Image One field. If you want to send another image, go to Image Two and do the same thing. When youre done, click on Add Resource and your image should be on its way to swaylocks. It takes a while for Mike to post it on the site so be patient. I hope this is not too confusing, it took me a while to figure it out too.

Mahalo Foamdust, Thinks for the more detailed process. My brain is somewhat off the last couple of days, one of our good surfing brahs took his life fri. nite and it was real close to home. He had been one of our room mates until the middle of Jan… I’ll give it a go with the pic. Aloha and Mahalo, Kokua

Kokua, Sorry to hear of your loss, may your friends soul rest in peace… FD