pic's of my first log #6 overall

So this is board #6 but my first Longboard

9 6’ x 23 x 3 forest marine tint with a smoke white swirl bottom deck and clear top

Stepdeck with a large concave in the nose or should I say large stepdeck

tail is a inward crescent(square with an inward curve), rails are 50 50 the whole way

finbox with a 10.5 Tudor Nuu Wayva ;> fin

Too many lessons learned on this one to share all the mistakes

but today was the first day riding her, and to sum er’ up she’s fast and turn’s on a nut :>

All the headaches endured while shaping were sooooooooo forgotten and overshadowed this morning while breakin’ er in…

anyway here’s a few water shot’s from this mornin that tenover took (attatched)

great looking board!

My first longboard is still my favorite. Don’t worry about the mistakes, if you can surf it, and enjoy it, what else matters?

By the way, it’s Nuuhiwa.

Keep Shaping.

Sr Pato

Looks real nice. The wave looks fun too. Where’s that at?

SoHaole, good to see this shot…

…Thanks for that !

Great to see ‘sways’ crew getting together and photographing each other’s boards and water shots…

Hey Sohaole, nice board BUT:

beach break

1-2 foot surf


oh no Mr. Bill!!!

first lesson in log riding, no leashes.

Isn’t that a Cooperfish Device tail?


Good looking board nonetheless. Would be even better sans leash!


Yes I know about log’s and leashes,

but I need the romance to wear-off with my new girlfriend before I take her out

with no regards to what happens to her :>

yeah cooper’s where I got the tail from

now I just need a day off and a break form daddy daycare to take advantage of any bump the pacific

might send us

I have an order for a freind to make him a wingnut 2 model I checked here and R.A.'s web sight

got a few #‘s but if anybody has any more specifics for a 9 6’

much appreciated:>


what blank did you use?


what blank did you use?

10 1’Y

I say we catch him and drag him by the leash till he squeels. Nice board


Nice board. I say he has to surf nothing but Tourmaline for a month. Mike

Allright allright allright

I say for the tough guys that have attended Keith’s seminars

how bout we have a saturday surf seminar

meet at Keiths, talk as much sHeet as anyone can handle

then we decide on where at the cliffs we put on our own seminar of style grace, and pure grit

that’s if we actually get a swell

and then we can finally put to rest this whole wearing a leash BULLshhhhhhhit;>

hey I grew up with the leash, and I guaruntee you if the fore father’s had the technology

they would have wore a leash

let the verbal abuse begin

Eddie would wear

the Duke taught me to use a leash

Blake paddle’s with a leash

Phil Edwards is the best surfer in the world wearing a leash

Murph the Surf Trancendtocosmilogicallymanifesto ah goon cordo

LeeD on board #27 saw the light

Real men love leashes

So I wear a leash, paddle out with me and then talk shit about the leash :>


Nice plan, Johnny.

But, you can’t surf at the Cliffs with a leash on a longboard. It’s not allowed. The locals will give you shit big-time.

Come on over on Saturday or Sunday, we’ll go surfing.

Thanx Keith, got a good laugh

the locals don’t wear leashes @ the cliffs HaH

Weekends aren’t in the mix for me right now, I can only get out on tue and wednesday mornings, the occaisional

Sunday afternoon I work mornings and the wife works nights we decided on not putting our son in daycare so for another couple of years I’m limited :<

but in January I’ll get more vacation day’s :> so I’ll see you at the slides…


Like the board. Like the leash.

In my short surfing career I’ve already dodged enough boards that have somehow lost their stylish riders. The most recent needing to be caught in mid air 6 inches from de-balling me.

Is your tail scooped out like the device as well?


Is your tail scooped out like the device as well?


Sweet looking board!! Thanks also to Tenover for taking the early morning stoke photos, just beautiful.

Kind Regards,


Gorgeous photos and a great-looking board.

I vote with the minority concerning leashless logs. I dislocated a shoulder fending off a lost longboard in the soup, and it took a lot of work over a couple of years to rehab it. This happened at a crowded break, and the guy who lost his board was one of the better surfers in the water that day. With crowding becoming more and more critical–and the general level of skills and awareness of etiquette at a low point-- I don’t see it as a style issue anymore: now it’s about safety and looking out for the greater good. Is that antithetical to having fun?