Pics of vacuum hose to planer setups.

I’m trying to configure my shaping area so that I can hook my planer up to my shop vac. My idea is to hook up the hose to some kind of swivel arm attached to the ceiling (much like the self-serve car washes).

Anyone have any pictures or links to pictures of shaping bays that are set up in this way?

I searched the archives but found mostly descriptions and few pics.

Try this…get a couple of Screweyes and attach them to each end of the room up near the ceiling.Stretch some closeline wire nice and tight between them.Get a pulley from a boat place and hang it on the wire.From there use a bungee cord to hold the vac hose.It gives you some play in the hose.The whole deal runs smooth as silk up and down the length of the room.Some guys even hang their planer cord to keep it off the floor.There is an old Surfers Journal article on Reynolds Yater that shows his setup. RB

Here’s a pic of the Clark Foam setup. Welded metal pipe with a counter-weighted slinky hose on the end attached to the planer. Pipe extends out over the racks. Something similar could be made from PVC, you’d just have to support it from the ceiling. No need to have it rotate if you extend the line over the shaping stands then drop the Slinky hose from there.

Unit is in the upper left of the photo, kinda blurry.

You guys totally rule!! Thanks for the replies. They helped me and I hope they help others.


That kind of sounds like a dog run. That would probably work for my setup.

I could also rig up something similar to the clark setup using pvc pipe, a few pulleys, a weight, and a long vacuum hose.

I forgot to mention that the vac hose used on the “dog run” is the flex type.It is 4 inches reduced to 2" the last 4feet or so.

Slinky vacuum hose for $17

is it that hose from or is it some pool hose from a hardware store?