Picts of sub 10 pound 9ft longboard

Well I finally finished up my most recent version of the Bert styled longboard. I missed my goal of 8 lbs by a large margin (it came in a little under 10 lbs), but I know where to drop the pounds and this board is way strong. This is probably the last board I’ll post pictures of because the shape is finally right and my future boards will be based on this board. Its hard to tell from the picture, but it has a 18"nose, 23" widepoint, and 15" tail. I took it out this morning and it flies (my best board by a long shot)! I did a lot of things differently from the past boards and I think they really payed off. I’m really liking the deep concave. Its over 1" deep making the thickest point in the middle of the board under 1.5". So far I’ve only surfed it with the thruster setup - I’ll need to wait till Christian comes down to try out the 5 fin setup. I tried out the Ofishl leash plug. I wish I had a black one instead of white, but its still the cleanest install I’ve done. Its perfect for compsands since the bulk of the plug is hidden beneath the skin.

Beautiful and lightweight! What density foam? What thickness balsa? Did you put a light cloth under the balsa? What weight cloth over the balsa? Is your weighing scale approximate or close? Beautiful job, I’m thinking of doing the next board the same/similar way.


It looks great.

Fin set up is right on. So many options.

Those extra fin inserts and plugs will add a bit more weight, but I would be real happy with a sub 10 pounder either way.


Its nice to here others venturing down the compsand longboard path. In my opinion its the best place/usage for the compsand technology. I’ve gone to a patchwork of materials approach that makes it difficult to describe layouts. I’ve had things fail then tried to make the broken areas stronger. The balsa is all 1/16th inch but I don’t think its the correct thickness. I think it needs to be thicker in areas.

Christian, I’ve only had one surf on it but I think I’ve gotten the nose strength issue figured out. So far theres no flop as it goes through the wave. I’m hoping that the magic holds up the next couple surfs to prove its not a fluke. I can’t wait till you have a chance to surf it. Its much better than the pictures indicate.

NIce Dan! The lightest I’ve gotten a 9’4" is 12 lbs. I noticed that you mentioned nose flex (brakage?). I’ve broke/bent a few (compsand) noses in overhead surf and heavy beach break. My latest 10’er is a bit heavier than I’ve done (16 lbs), with 1/4" cherry wood rails but it seems to have a more solid construction (indistructable?). The difference in weight and imagined strength is that I sealed the board with epoxy/glass bubbles. Other boards were not sealed and I liked the lighter weight of them but not the buckled noses.

Any hints on how you got put the durability/strength in?



Any hints on how you got put the durability/strength in?

I hate to sound cryptic, but I don’t have any that I want to talk about yet. I made changes in skin pretreatment and construction (thanks to Christian!), shape, wood selection, glass, foam distribution and internal reinforcing (springers). I’m not sure which will play the biggest role (and I probably won’t unless it breaks :0 Very often my first impressions of boards don’t last the test of time so it needs to be tested better. However, the conditions you described are definitely a challenge on longboards. I can tell you that I don’t believe sealing the core actually makes it stronger. I think that the key to a good board is to make them strong were they need to be, but try to avoid rigid things or locking the board down. Anything rigid actually takes away from the strength. If you saw how my last board snapped you’d see what I’m getting at.

I think I’ve seen pictures of you board with the cherry rails - it was a beaut!

Dan that’s sweet! Can’t believe I missed this thread.

Really like the interrupted nose/tail blocks, nice touch, very unique. Great looking shape too. I’m not really about longboards, but I’d love to take that one out.

Very nice…

makes it difficult to describe layouts

so give us the simplified version, what is the weight of the primary under and over glass?

how thick is the board where the deck concave meets the rail?

(ie if it had a flat deck what would the thickness be?)

is the bottom flat?

looks great, thanks for sharring

Very, very nice work… And a lot of it… Beautiful concave deck,

inset blocks, the whole package. The compsand really does shine

in this kind of board, a classic look with a seemingly impossible

weight. The bigger the board, the more weight savings gained by

using the 1 lb (or lower) density core.

Enjoy the ride!


Thanks guys. I agree Schwuz, I would love to see some of you rip on this thing. My wife saw me surf it today on some 1-3 windblown chop. It was the first time she has ever commented about the performance of a board. She said it was way quicker than the fish the other guys were surfing and couldn’t believe how maneuverable the board was. When I surf this I feel like I’m gaining the most while loosing the least.

4est - The primary glass is 4 oz S-cloth on the 45 degree angle, but it goes down to as light as 2 oz in some places and up to 8 oz in others. To get down to 8 lbs I’m going to need to go a whole lot more patchwork than it is. The thick point on the board is 2.5" and the rails are somewhere near 1/2" at the top of the curve (they’re thinner than my thumb). The rails have 4 transitions in profile and I think this is a biggy (but it was a challenge to shape). The bottom is completely flat with a 5.5" nose rocker and a 3.5" tail rocker. How’s that for more detail :wink:

Mike, I totally agree with the statement about longboards and composites. The wood is a natural look on the bigger boards and they really like what composites have to offer. I wish more people were going down this path…It gets soooooooo lonely

man that is looking insane , how can i compete with quality like that ??

your doing the whole movement justice Dan …

youve got one seriously good noserider there …

look out for the rooster tails …

you will know what i mean when someone else sees it and tells you , or you can just look over your shoulder while hanging 5 …

nice stuff …



Looking good Dan

You must have put a lot of effort into keeping the weight that low.

Keep up the good work

Bert & Mark - Thanks for the compliments! I completely removed time as one of the variables when making this board and it really payed off.

Bert - I hope you’re right about the noserider aspect of the board. A couple of the changes I made were aimed at improving its noseriding ability. The waves haven’t been conducive for getting closer than a couple feet from the nose, and I’ve been preoccupied with speed so I’ll have to wait and see.