Picture of Frye/Hall Skosh Model for Auction

Hey everyone, wanted to show you the board(shaped) that Skip and I did for The Vanguard Fundraiser for Wildcoast (www.thevanguardsite.com) check out the website. it’s going to be a fabulous show!

Nice board! looks like my old Gypsy from 71 .


funny you shold say that becuase when i gave skip the original skosh, cut out that is what he had said too. funny! i’m super stoked you emailed me, I’ve become friends with Lee Vanderhurst recently and in fact he came by my factory to let me borrow one of his personal hulls. I actually just built two stubbies, 6’0 and 6’6 for a shop down here, but they will be one display at The Vanguard. I would be stoked if you could make it down, Lee said if you come he’d be there for sure. Anywho, my phone is 619.244.7738. I’d love to talk hulls with you or maybe even this summer make a homage to your garage!



a little heads up about Kp’s garage–think long and hard about this. do you REAlLY want to do it?first off, you will waste an entire day in a small, cramped area, and second, if you do venture in, it’s going to twist your mind all around, cause spasms, convulsions, etc.it will erase any memory you may have of flat bottomed, downrailed boards as well.

Very, very cool Josh. You two make a great pair!

Maybe you could send that shot to Hicksy for the Swaylocian book(?).

You seem to be on the great path, one that will pass down the knowledge.

Watch out for that Lee guy too.


Man, I really like that shape. That looks as though it would be perfect for a 7ish ft. range 2+1 set-up. Any chance you could give us the dims?

Nice picture! Who is the guy standing in the foam dust? J/K

Hope the Vanguard Fundraiser is a success!

pretty sure its 8 by 21. pretty gunny. all of the originals have been glass on tris, whether they have been geppy skips, or just skips glass ons.

two plus one is also an option, i like to go fast and tri fins seem to do that.


i can’t wait to have everything be changed. i’ve been fortunate to grow up with skip as a fin and experimentation guy so my mind is prety open. To me hulls are just really tweaked fryes, sort of, i mean, down in the back, nuetral in the mid section, and up in the front. like i said, sort of similar. obviously the really pinched rails are great in clean down the line surf, but i think there is room for a more moderate rail for easier transition from bank to bank in not so lined up surf. i don’t, just got to build them and test them down here. I do have Lee V, personal, just need some surf, hopefully the next few days aren’t to crossed up and i’ll get some testing down. talk to you soon,



can you post some pics of some bigger fish you have made?

always wanted a 6’9" Frye - would love to see your version with dimensions posted.

thanks and best of luck

you can check some of my work out on www.wavesforever.com that is my japanese distributor, or if you are on myspace you can check out Josh Hall Surfboards. The pics on wavesforever are a little dated, a new catalog is being put together right now.