Pigment for RR Epoxy

Is this pigment sold by Foamez safe for RR Epoxy?

If so, how much can I put without ruining the epoxy integrity?




I prefer to use epoxy pigments from fiberglasssupply.


That pigment should work just fine. Always test a small batch whenever using a new technique and pay attention to a normal cure time and the resulting hardening. I’ve used all types of pigments from Fiberglass Hawaii and SurfSource with good results. You should follow the same prescribed mixing, filtering and concentrations that apply to polyester. I try to get a good mix/blend going first with epoxy and hardener BEFORE adding any pigment or additive to my epoxy resin pours. A cheap digital postal scale has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my glassing bay lately, easy to keep your measurements accurate and easy to replicate your processes.

Tom S.