pigment stripes

on this next board I’m doing, I want to make it solid black but with the redwood stringer and about an inch on either side of it visible. like small clean white stripes down the center.

I’d like to do it with opaque black pigment rather than say paint because I’m scared of easier delamination and think it would look better.

I just can’t seem to think of a good way to do it. any advice? I could post an example of the effect i’m after if it would help.




I think you’ve answered your own question,no?? 

black pigmented resin panels…

I guess I just don’t know exactly what that means or how to do it haha. but I guess getting into the details would take a while. maybe just the quick version?

like would I have to put in separate strips of cloth next to each other or would I just tape off the lines to effect when pouring resin? 

also I’ve heard of people doing the pigment/tint in different layers and even the hot coat, what if I just taped the lines and did pigment hot coat? bad idea?


I would suggest starting small, pinlines or deck panels. Wrapping rails with opaque black gloss is not something easily accomplished…

my first go at wrapping rails with panels. Looks good but I most definitely didn’t get it first go. Second pic is deck panels. Not the easiest either but waaaay more forgiving 

Just beware…solid black on boards gets outragiously hot in the sun.  If you’re worried about delamination I’d be more worried about the heat the board might generate than pigment vs paint.

Shape it, glass it, sand it- so you have a nice sanded hotcoat  

tape off the area that you don’t want resin to get on. 

Then mix up some highly pigmented resin (gloss resin works best but hotcoat can get the job done). Kick it so it goes off in 7-10 mins (hot!) 

brush on your panels make sure it’s all evenly covered and a nice coating (not too thick). 

Take a deep breath and pull the tape. 

I like to pull tape in the wet stage. Some folks don’t. I find it pulls much cleaner and is less cleanup work. 

Come back with a razor and sandpaper and clean up your lines if need be. 

Sand off the shiny once it’s cured. Feather the edge a tad. 

Gloss coat the board. 

Deck and bottom panels are easy to lean, once you wrap the rail your start to run into a few more things to worry about

*black boards surf the best. 

very good point it gets pretty hot where I am

perfect, thanks! sweet board.

ok thanks for the warning! I’ll just give the panels a go and save a full wrap for later. that orange board is cleeeeaaan.

If I might ask, what makes working with the opaque hotcoat or gloss so much more unforgiving than a clear coat?

A little Cobalt.  And honestly;  if you want it really “Deep” , you may need to sand the first one and double coat.  In that case you would need to use sanding resin.   I have done really deep looking pigment jobs in the past by painting the foam blank and then do my pigment on the hotcoat. The possibility of delam usually comes into play when you paint a Hot Coat.  Pigmented resin sticks good to a sanded hot coat. Although I have painted many times on the sanded hot coat with good results and Glossed over.

Nice work wide awake.  You should be glassing for all those CC boys.