Pigments and Tints?

Hi I'm new to the forum and am about to build my second board. I want to do a cool resin pattern or something but I found that every where I want to order online is around 8$ for one color. Is there a way I could get these cheaper at a craft store or something? I also heard you just use food dye.....is this true? Any tips would be great. Thanks

I heard food coloring works, but I have yet to try. I do a lot of tinting ,well not a lot compared to the pro guys , but I just use the 8$ stuff ,It goes a long way.


I would expect that a non-pigment dye would fade very quickly in sunlight.

I forget the exact name, but the pigment I use came from Sherwin Williams paint store. It is not "Universal Pigment," it is the other pigment they have which is special for epoxy and xylene based paints.

They don't really sell it, It comes in big cans which get dumped into the paint tinting machine. Bring your own jars and try to talk the guy working the desk to just give you a couple of ounces of what ever colors you need.