I was wondering if anyone had used MIXOL pigment pastes for tinting resin? Massive range of good colours…

Struggling to find a colour I want from the usual suppliers.


No not used them myself.

Try this company http://www.llewellyn-ryland.co.uk/colourdispersions.html

They sell the poly stuff in 0.5 kgs and epoxy in 1kg tins. I’m after some british racing green for epoxy, but 1kg is a bit more than I need.

Cheers Woody, I’m after a similar Lime green that Christensen uses…

Hey, if your after a special color, why not mix it yourself? Grab a good color wheel from and art supply store and start mixing… primary, secondary… cool- blue, green, violet… warm- red, orange, yellow… shade- black, white.

You can make almost any color with red, yellow, blue, black, and white. (except neons)

If you need the color for more than one batch or resin, you’d be wise to mix all you need first, then set off one batch at a time. Or just keep shoping. Good luck!

Cheers Adios. I used to work for a printers, so know abouot colour mixing… i’m trying to find something I can work from, but can’t get near anything vivid enough. Green is a hard colour to mix, it either looks wishy washy, or dirty.

I’ve found the colour I want, on the list of uses, it states epoxy resin, but no pention of polyester…

thats a great idea but I’m switching from poly to epoxy for a frew more boards.

I have loads of pigments and tints for poly but none for epoxy yet, they seem to be a lot harder to get hold off.

The LR stuff is great but 1kg is just too much for what I need, so still looking around, I cant see why the MIXOL stuff wouldn’t work, it says its ok for epoxy and water based finishes.

BTW way I have a load of yellow and green tint for poly. If your using poly post a pic of the colour your after and I could mix you up some and post it to you.

there are some rands that state fro either epoxy or polyester resins.

Not sure about the brand that you have but nothing is lost by testing.


Check this link.

This manufatcurer states that the pigments they sell can be used with either Poly or epoxy resin.



I have been getting stuff from this company and they do a racing green for £5.70


Although it is in their general pigment pastes I emailed and was told that it was fine for Epoxy as well (as polyester)

They also say you can order RAL and British Standard Colours.

Also seen Racing green specifically for Epoxy at £10 for 250g which is rather steep at


These both send out stuff by courier so orders can have high P&P

I have only used West Systems Turquoise pigment for some fins and it goes a very long way. I have some Tangerine from the first link to try which should be blindingly bright


Hi Mark, CFS Fibreglass supply is where I got most my pigments from, they also supply seabase with the pigments they sell, I thing the lables say it is for poly, I’ll check again but I don’t remember any mension of epoxy.

I’ve used the other site too, I desided to go with the LR stuff, £12 plus £6 delivery for 1kg specifically for epoxy.

I’m pretty sure Seabase’s pigments come direcly from the supplier on the can. They always have at 20 different colours in stock when I go in there, although not many epoxy pigments if you are interested but they say they do get them in but they go out quickly with the resin research epoxy

The tins from CFS and seabase are exaclty the same, I’ll have to double check, who the supplier is.

I think I read on the epoxy primer threand that most the poly dispersion systems are still fine to use with epoxy, I resently tried opaque white in with the epoxy for a ding reapir and it’s worked fine.

I now need some dark blue tint and red, so I’ll give seabase a bell in the new year, or pop in.