Pin Lines With no gloss coat

Just lamed a board, my first time using PU resin. It came out ok, But I have a bit of sanding to do before I hot coat. I did a cutlap on the deck which did not turn out so bad but surely needs pinlines to cover it. I also did a  cutlap the bottom just below the rails to get a clean line to sand down. 


Can I just sand the Lam, Then put down My pinlines  (with acrylic paint) and Hot coat over that? I really was not planning on a gloss coat if I dont need it. 



I don't see why not.  Just be careful when you sand your hot coat not to sand through the pin lines.

     Howzit doad, Trying to do pin lines on the weave is going to be a nightmare since you don't have a smooth surface and will most likely get some bleeding. When I am doing no gloss boards with pinlines I spray them on the foam and do free lap lam jobs. At this point I would wait and sand the hot coat ,then do your pinlines and try spraying a good sealer that won't wear off in a couple of weeks. Try using the Krylon triple thick clear spray and do a couple of layers and then just redo them every few months,especially where you legs rub over the pinlines. Aloha,Kokua

Thats a good Point kokua. I had not thought of that. Thanks much. I think Ill just end up doing a gloss coat. Im not completely opposed to it I just didnt really see the need in doing one If I did not have to.


Much appreciated.

Here’s a way I have done. Sand the lap as best you can…then brush on some sanding resin a few inches wide on each side of where you want your pin line (wide enough to tape off your line)…sand that smooth…paint your pin lines…then do your last full board hot coat covering your line. That way your not doing two full board hot coats and adding unneeded weight just to cover your line.


     Howzit doad, Trying to do pin lines on the weave is going to be a nightmare since you don't have a smooth surface and will most likely get some bleeding. [/quote]

Hey Kokua - I thought of that too, but figured the o.p. wouldn't have asked about doing pin lines on the lam coat if he didn't have a smooth enough surface to do them (some guys put the resin on heavier than I do).  Billy has a workaround, 'tho.

Reminds me of an old saying - If we had some eggs, we could have ham and eggs - if we had some ham.

…you can do resin pinlines on the sanded hot coat

     Howzit reverb, I was into doing those back in the 70's on my own boards, but most people were still into gloss jobs on their boards. Also did a lot of textured decks on my boards. Those were the days of glassing my boardsin one day and surfing it that evening nd to heck with the curing process,ha. Aloha,Kokua

can’t you just do a sanded gloss on the rails?

     Howzit E-Pacman,Actually you can the whole board sanded so if you can do it yourself since the rails are hand sanded.I think a 400 grit would be perfect and it grit that you can start and finish with. I hoppe J.A. is taking it easy and healing quickly. Also do you mean to only gloss the rails or the whole board? Aloha,Kokua

Hey Guys

I finish all my boards with a sanded gloss coat. Gave up on spray finishes as i couldn't get a nice finish, and made a mess of my garage. If I need to pinline, its on the sanded hotcoat then glossed over and light sanded as far up as 1200 wet n dry. People argue about weight, but really, how much more weight will it add? You actually sand most of it off again. Much nicer finish in my opinion too.



Also do you mean to only gloss the rails or the whole board? Aloha,Kokua


I have a few boards that are sand only, but the rails are glossed to protect a pinline. you can’t tell visually.

You can easily do one of three alternatives.  1.  Put down an arcylic pinline with artist's acrylic straight out of the tube with a clear acrylic sealer topcoat.  2.  A Posca pinline with a clear acrylic top coat.  3.  A resin pinline with a sanding resin or gloss resin top coat.  If you have pulled tape for your pinline;  You would be able to top coat with a rattle can.  You now have a  Sanded board with a pinline that is topcoated to prevent the pinline from being worn off.  A gloss coat on the rails would not be necessary and would look noticeably differant.  Once the board has been waxed the pin will never wear off.   I don't see the problem or the hoopla? 

good man your boards will last longer and look better       the rest is all  b s


**         cheers huie


Ditto on what Kokua said. I had a factory in Florida early 70’s and we did resin pins on sanded finishes.Sometimes I would gloss the rails and bottom. The sanded finish deck saved a little weight and was good for holding wax. Also did a few textured decks after first seeing then on Hobie’s. Acrylic pins on the hotcoat are good also. Way back then all we did was resin work and a few basic foam sprays (fogs). Another thing I used to do was not polish the gloss coat. I was of the opinion that the wax risen to the surface gave the gloss that hard as a rock surface. When you wetsand the wax off you loose some of the surface durability. I am still a staunch believer in this but most people want their boards to look like mirrors. (for a month or so). I think Jim Phillps told the story of how Tony Channin was basically the first person to polish boards like a mirror which in turn meant everyone else had to do it which in turn had a lot of people cussing and whining (including me). However when I see a full blown Cooperfish mirror polished board I am impressed and amazed. What were we talking about anyway?  Have fun. RB