pin lines

Hey guys…hoping someone can give me the low down on applying a pin line or pin stripe to my board. I have tinted the bottom and have a cut lap running onto a clear deck. I’ve just finished the lam and was wondering when I should apply the pin line. Is it best to apply before of after the hot coat? Was looking at doing a black resin line…any advice on that would be appreciated too! Thanks…Brenden.

hey rich

apply it on your pre sanded hotcoat, then gloss coat over the top of it. Can use paint or resin. can check this video for reference

Thanks Zackoopman…also I neglected to ask in my last post, how well do you need to sand back a free lap on the bottom of a board before applying the hot coat? Does it need to be really smooth and neat, or can you get away with a few imperfections?

sand it completely flat rich

Thanks Zack…will do. I did a cut lap on bottom Lam which came out really neat. The deck was clear so went with a free lap and ended up with a few strands lapped onto the bottom. This has left me with a bit more sanding before the hot coat. Next time I’ll take more care cutting the fibreglass…will have to invest in a good pair of scissors, something better than the ‘chicken’ scissors that I used.

There is a technique to get rid of stray strands using a razor blade after the resin has gelled enough. Takes some practice and the timing is critical. Do it too early, and you pull the weave. Wait too long and it gets too stiff. Much like dong a cutlap, but with more finesse.

Lam and flip strands back on themselves., then hot coat, let cure for a few days so board is not green. Sand flat… Flat, flat. Sand to pin areas to a 220 grit. Apply pins with resin or acrylic paint… Gloss coat and buff out. If you sand lam too soon or when green it will look all hazy and white. Let cure, then sand. If you do have that problem wipe cut or sanded areas with styrene. Styrene will make white fibers clear up and disappear… Then gloss