Pinline bleed...

Ok, so I have a bad case of pin bleed.
I didn’t add extra wax in (unlike my first board) as my understanding is that polishing resin already has wax added?
To correct this, can I sand just the bleeding areas on rails and pinline or sand whole deck and 're-resin all again?
Thanks in advance, Steve

What did you use to do your pinlines? Resin, Paint,???

Gloss Resin and pigment.

Also not a lot of pigment as it was a little opaque.

There’s no quick fix. If you want the bleed to be gone sand the whole thing off and do it again adding wax to the mix. Also set it off hot.

What tape did you use? Bleeding is most likely from useing a poor quality tape or not making sure the edge of the tape is properly sealed. Press the edge down at least a couple of times. I used the flat razor blade to make sure there was a really good.

Thanks Gene, I’ve now done this and a little extra wax seems to have corrected it. Board is finished and looks great. No pics as owner away…Steve