pinning down

got a question. if i was to paint a certain design with a stencil would it be alright if i used small pins placed here and there to hold it down. would it mess up the glassing or what. i mean they would be so small and few. hope someone knows.

Use the lam resin instead. Brush some on the blank, lay stencil on, squeegee out bubbles, lay on the lam cloth and lam.

No reason why not, though you might find that a good quality masking tape would work better. As long as it’s not on there long enough so that some of the adhesive dried and stuck to the foam, it’s prolly the ideal method. The other thing is that if, say, you were doing a stencil-on-a-stencil multiple graphics or multiple colors, say, you could probably do a better job with the stencils taped down, kinda like this:

The idea, actually, is stolen from the silk screening biz.

hope that’s of use


You can also use fishing weights. RB