Pipeline Pic

Howzit Sway Brothers, Some time back ( couple of years ) some one posted a picture of a dbl over head pitching back door Pipe line wave, no surfer just the wave. If it is still around I need to get that picture, any help would be great.Aloha,Kokua




...i'd be curious to  see the shot , too ....any idea WHO the photog was , Mike ?





      Howzit chip, I have no idea and I don't think there was a surfer on the wave,just a picture of the wave. I wanted to find it again because it was my back ground picture on my PC but lost it in one of my many crashes. Aloha,Kokua



  that could be tricky , without knowing the photog and rough year ,


  let's hope some of the hawaiians / photogs HERE chime in eh ?


  the only shot of huge backdoor that comes to mind was one from the 1970s , but it had M.P.  on it ...remember THAT shot ??





Yea , I think that was Michael's 1st wave out there, 74', they wouldn't let him go left.It looked massive to me at the time. Woody from Norah Head had the board later, ask Midget about the trip over on the plane with MP, Tommy and Woody, don't think he's talking to me, H.


Learned my lesson a few years ago. Had an Orb drive, similar to the old Zip drives, that crashed on me. It was my “backup”. Lost about 4 years worth of accumulated images, messages, files, etc. Easily tanked a good 400 scans of slides I’d done. I’ve had to go back and re-scan many of them. Now, I have two separate backup drives, plus I load all photos I’ve taken onto CDs, just in case. About every two months or so, I make 2 copies of photo only CDs. I am redundant, if nothing else.

I curently have just about every image I’ve created going back to 2002. These are scans and digital pics.


(Li’ dat)

....PLEASE , can you  post some of those many shots here on sways ?  I bet that you have some GOLD in amongst THAT collection !!


  SHARE the stoke !!


  cheers Sammy !


  ben the shutterbugger

    Howzit Sammy believe me I know about backing up after losing data a few times before getting smart and I now have flash drives, an external hard dive and dvd's with back up on them. The problem is that when you download a picture just to use as a screen saver or back ground it really isn't in your documents or any where's else except on the list of pictures for backgrounds and when your computer takes a dive you lose that picture. Now a days I put the picture in my documents then put it in the list for back grounds and that way when you back up it is in the back up.I didn't know about this till I lost that picture and have everything backed up every month. It was a picture of a beautiful pipe wave without anybody on it. Aloha,Kokua