place to start....

Hello- I am a dedicated ocean/ snow surfer and am currently studying graphic design. I am curious if any of you shapers/ glassers/ artists can throw any advice my way as how I might get started in the biz on the graphical/ artistic side of surfing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. ---- thanks- julia

where do you live?

I am studying in Texas unfortunately. I leave every chance I get.

I frequent Costa Rica- been living there off and on for the past four years until now- I need to finish school- but I would like to work there ultimately- or Cal. of course- and I am serious about this- I wouldn’t mind doing an apprenticeship or something. I am originally from Colorado. I hope to apply my skills to snowboards as well. I just need direction/ advice. [smile]

Julia, It’s hard work & desire for thge desire for the surfing lifestyle! get good at Airbrushing and on a Mac!!! Do logos, Advert designs - You need to be in California.

Do you have a website? Create a gallery of your work, so you always have something to show people. Someone reading your post might need something. You can try selling logos and stuff on ebay. Just keep working, the business end might be harder than the design.